Spotify customers' fury as it hikes prices by up to £24 a year from June

SPOTIFY customers have been left furious by the music streaming giant's plans to hike prices by up to £24 a year.

The changes, which come into effect from June, will apply to Spotify's Premium Student, Duo, and Family plans subscribers.

New customers will start paying the higher prices from this Friday, April 30.

Customers on Spotify's Family plan will be hit with the highest hike, as the package will increase from £14.99 to £16.99 – an extra £2 a month.

Meanwhile Student and Duo plans will increase by £1 a month – we've rounded up all the price changes in the box below.

Spotify is yet to confirm whether its standard Premium subscription will stay at the current price of £9.99 a month.

How Spotify’s prices are changing

SPOTIFY is increasing some plan prices for existing customers from June, these are:

  • The Premium Family plan is going up by £2 a month – from £14.99 to £16.99
  • The Premium Student plan is going up by £1 a month – from £4.99 to £5.99
  • The Premium Duo plan is going up by £1 a month – from £12.99 to £13.99

New customers will start paying the above prices from this Friday, April 30.

The price hikes sent Arsenal fans into a fury as it came on the same day its founder Daniel Ek began a £2.5billion takeover bid of the club.

Customers have vented about the changes on Twitter, with one user saying: "Spotify are increasing the student plan monthly price by a quid not happy."

While another added: "Uh? Spotify increased the price of premium student? Whyyyyy?"

And a third wrote: "Spotify want to put up the price of my family subscription by £2 [a month], then I hear that Spotify want to buy Arsenal!!

"Goodbye to my @Spotify subscription."

If you're unhappy about the changes, you can cancel your Spotify subscription at any point without having to pay a penalty.

If you do, you'll continue to get the get the service until your next billing date. After this, your account will be switched to a limited, free one.

For customers who would like to leave the service altogether, Apple Music lets you try out its service for three months for free, otherwise its £9.99 a month.

You can also get a three month free trial of Amazon Music Unlimited, which costs £7.99 a month once the freebie ends.

A spokesperson for Spotify said: "We offer a variety of subscription plans tailored to our users’ needs.

"We occasionally update our prices to reflect local macroeconomic factors and meet market demands while offering an unparalleled service."

We explain how to cancel Spotify if you're unhappy with the new prices.

Over the past few months, video streaming site Netflix has also increased prices by up to £24 a year.

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