Supermarket worker pens savage note in brutal resignation letter to ‘rude’ boss

Generally when a person hands in their notice at work, it comes in the form of a letter.

Usually the news is broken down to employers with a formal message.

But one woman decided to leave her job in the most fashionable way and it's gone down well on social media.

She made it very clear to her boss why she wanted to leave the company then shared the note on Reddit.

At the top of the message, it reads: "I appreciate you for…"

However, the woman didn't go down that route and the note was a little bit more savage.

The female called out her "rude" boss when she scribbled the message on what looks like a note pad from American store Target.

She wrote: "Hey Jordan, just wanted to let you know that I will not be returning to work tomorrow or next week!

"Thx hun! – M. P.S. I will never understand why you were so rude to me :)!"

Ouch! That's got to be painful…

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Since it was posted on the open forum, Reddit users rushed to praise the woman for leaving the brutal note on her boss' desk.

One fan wrote: "Gimme the tea, what did Jordan do?"

While another added: "Good job. I don't know you but I'm proud of you."

And a third chimed in: "You will definitely be better off. Happy New Year!"

However, other Reddit users warned the woman as things are a little bit different when you step into the professional world.

The person said: "Y'all may laugh and cheer on how to leave a job.

"But trust me, once you step foot out of retail and into a more professional career, you'll see what we're saying about burning bridges."

Another agreed: "I could never do this. I'd feel too guilty about the workload it created for the rest of my team."

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