Take a look at this hidden UK infinity pool with breathtaking views

Infinity pools are often the reserve of five star resorts and fancy spas.

But you can stop checking Google Flights for a trip to the Maldives, because you can enjoy the luxe life a little closer to home.

Nestled away in a secret location lies a small shallow pool, which overlooks the dramatic landscape of Snowdonia National Park.

Those that have been lucky enough to find the hidden gem have shared breathtaking videos on TikTok – and the water looks oh-so-inviting.

But if you’d like to take a dip, be warned: this secret spot isn’t easy to find.

The infinity pool is actually an electricity generating weir, built by farmer Wynn Mostyn Jones on his own land, back in 2016, as part of a green energy initiative.

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Wynn, who has sadly since passed away, never intended for the pool to become at tourist spot.

And hikers have been at pains to keep it’s location hidden ever since, in order to preserve it’s natural beauty.

One walking group, the Walking Northerners, said that they had to do some ‘detective work’ before setting out on their mission, and that the pool isn’t visible from the main road as it’s ‘well camouflaged in the hills’.

We’re not going to spoil the fun by giving away the location, but it’s widely reported on social media that the pool is somewhere above the Llanberis Pass – and if you do some clever digging on Google Earth, you’ll likely find what you’re looking for.

For those we can’t don their walking boots and head to Snowdown, you’ll have to settle for lusting after videos on TikTok instead.

‘Wow, looks so peaceful,’ wrote on commenter. ‘Beautiful,’ wrote another.

Speaking of his pool back in 2020, Wynn said: ‘A part of me would have liked it be kept a secret.

‘Although I wasn’t expecting this response, I can understand why so many flock here.

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‘It has fantastic views here – it’s so peaceful and tranquil, and understandably, a beautiful place to enjoy.’

But it’s important to note that only experienced hikers should go searching for the infinity pool.

Tragically, mum-of-two, Victoria Naomi Luck, 47, from Wolverhampton, died in December 2021, when she was out on a walk with her partner, hoping to find the pool.

Wynn Moss also warned tourists, adding: ‘My biggest worry right now is that groups of young people from the local area will come here and have parties in the middle of the night.

‘It’s dangerous more than anything and it has got me worried from time to time.’

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