Tattooed nan with piercings hits back at trolls who call her inkings revolting

A pensioner has clapped back at haters who shamed her for her face piercings and tattoos.

The nan, who goes by the name "sweetheartnan" on TikTok, was recently bullied when she was shopping in a mall.

Recalling the upsetting experience, she shared: "I am so p***ed off at the way people have looked at me and laughed at me because of the dress I'm wearing.

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"'You should be disgusted at yourself', 'You look revolting' – people need to grow up, why can't they just accept this? It's only a freaking tattoo.

"It just p***es me off how rude and upsetting people can be."

The TikToker was seen wearing a sleeveless dress, revealing floral inkings on her chest and arms.

In another video, she grooved to upbeat music and flipped her maxi skirt to show the tattoos on her legs.

"To me, the tattoos are beautiful and it's my right to do what I want with my body, just as it's your right to do what you want with yours," the pensioner said.

"So please stop shaming people that are tattooed, stop putting me down.

"I was upset because why should we feel that we have to cover our body if we have these beautiful tattoos, which I've drawn and had stencils and put on me?

"Because I love them, they are better on my body than in a book and I don't feel I should have to take my piercings out."

Fans also stepped in to call out the trolls who asked her to cover up the tattoos.

One said: "You look fabulous. You just do you. Some people are just so rude, the comments of and dirty looks I get as a tattooed mum is unbelievable."

"I just can't get past the nerve of someone approaching another person to criticise them about their appearance, they are only trying to bring you down," another added.

A third also shared: "Insecurity is loud, confidence is silent!"


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