Teen Miraculously Catches Girl, 2, Who Fell from a Second-Floor Window in Viral Video

A teenager is being hailed as a hero for catching a toddler who fell from an open window in Istanbul, and security cameras caught footage of the dramatic rescue.

According to the Independent, Feuzi Zabaat noticed 2-year-old Dora Muhammed dangling from a second-story window while he was out on a walk last Thursday. Video of the 17-year-old shows him pointing up at Dora hanging from the window as a passerby and children remain oblivious to the situation.

Zabaat continues to look around, seemingly in disbelief, until he reaches out his arms and catches Dora just a fraction of a second before she would slam into the ground.

“I was walking down the road when I saw a 2-year-old girl hanging from a window,” Zabaat told the outlet. “I walked closer to her, and as she fell I held on to her.”

Zabaat then cradled Dora in his arms as witnesses nearby ran over to them. Fortunately, Dora suffered no injuries, all thanks to her hero.

“I was walking from the top of the street toward the bottom,” witness Izzet Bayir said, according to the Independent. “I saw this man looking up. It caught my attention — ‘What’s happening?’ And I saw that this little girl was about to fall.”

“This lion of a person caught this child in mid-air and reunited her with her family,” Bayir continued.

Dora’s father, Yusuf Muhammed, reportedly gifted Zabaat a 200 Turkish lira (about $35 in the U.S.) for saving his daughter’s life.

The dramatic ordeal raises awareness about the risk of children falling out of windows, which increases in the summer months when families typically leave them open for ventilation during hot days.

In June 2017, four toddlers in San Jose, California, fell out of second- or third-story windows in just a two-week span, according to the Mercury News.

“The best recommendation we have for parents is to move furniture away from a window,’’ Dr. Adella Garland told the newspaper of the influx of accidents, adding, “window screens do not prevent falls.”

The pregnancy and parenting website Very Well Family recommends using a window guard or gate to keep a child from falling out, or installing a window stop or ledge that would prevent it from being opened more than four inches.

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