Teen Mom Farrah Abraham defends puffy face after plastic surgery backlash

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Farrah Abraham’s “puffy” face is due to a sinus infection — not plastic surgery.

The “Teen Mom” alum, who celebrated her 32nd birthday Wednesday, explained that she had a “chronic” and “debilitating” condition called sinusitis, also known as a sinus infection.

“Hey all, as it is my birthday, I just wanted to say I have been having a puffy face because I have sinusitis,” she said in a makeup-free video on her Instagram Story.

The clip was accompanied by a screenshot of an outlet commenting on her appearance.

“So you get allergy shots, you get steroids in order to be diagnosed with sinusitis. Usually, it takes a year for your doctor to understand that, that’s what it is,” she continued.

Sinusitis develops when parts of the nose and mouth are inflamed for long periods of time. Symptoms include congestion causing difficulty breathing, nasal drainage and swelling, per the Mayo Clinic. 

The reality star went on to explain that she would be undergoing “surgery next week” to address the situation.

“So thank you to others who are saying negative things and not being educated on the matter and most of us suffer from sinusitis and do not know that that’s what is affecting our eyes, our cheeks, our whole nasal area, and so that is just what has happened. Our sinuses give out,” she concluded.

Last year, Abraham came under fire for “getting too much work done” and appearing “unrecognizable” in a TikTok video.

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“Omg! I didn’t even recognize Farrah! Holy work done,” one fan commented on the upbeat clip, which showed her and her daughter, Sophia Abraham, laughing in the kitchen.

“It took me a while to realize who these people were,” another viewer chimed in, with a third fan writing, “Omg Wth happened to Farrah.”

The “16 and Pregnant” alum was also criticized for allowing the 14-year-old to get multiple face piercings as a birthday gift.

“Parent Shamers I will always have a door open for you as I was once like you, I know what I’m not for and I know teen’s [sic need a lot of compassion right now,” she captioned an Instagram post in February.

She added that teenagers face more significant issues, including underage sex and drunk driving, specifically calling out Sophia’s dad, Derek Underwood, who tragically died in a 2008 car accident.

The “Couples Therapy” alum welcomed Sophia in February 2009, two months after Underwood’s fatal crash.

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