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A SEPTEMBER heatwave is sweeping the country this week, with high temperatures replacing the wind and rain that has dogged this August.

Sun seekers are looking forward to a weekend of lounging in the garden or bathing on beaches, with the mercury predicted to reach a scorching 33C on Saturday, according to the Met Office.

But hot weather can have harmful effects on the body, pharmacist Phil Day from Pharmacy2U, said.

Thankfully though, there are many effective ways to cool yourself down before anything bad happens.

He told the Sun: "A lot of the best advice may seem like common sense, but we often underestimate the effects of heat on our bodies.

"Health issues caused by heat waves include dehydration or overheating, heat exhaustion, heatstroke and sunstroke. 

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"Heat exhaustion, heatstroke and sunstroke are illnesses that can occur in more severe circumstances."

Here, some experts weigh in on all the surprising ways you can stay cool during the late burst of hot weather.

1. Put ice in front of the fan

It often feels like sitting in front of a fan on a hot day only cools you down momentarily.

That's because fans can sometimes make it seem hotter.

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After being on for a while, fans seem to just push warm air around the room – which doesn't help anyone.

Boots pharmacist Claire Nevinson suggested using ice to cool the air in the room down.

"If you’re at home and have an electric fan, put some ice cubes in a bowl in front of it which will help to circulate ice cold air," she told the Sun.

This fan and ice combo can help beat the most insufferable heatwave.

Last summer, a TikTok hack which went viral saw people taping a frozen towel to the back of a fan.

Social media users claimed that it made the air cooler.

But Electrical Safety First (ESF) warned that doing so posed a serious safety risk as water near electrical items is a dangerous combination.

If the liquid comes into contact with the fan's motor, it can not only damage the device, but risks electric shock to anyone nearby too.

2. Avoid drinking coffee – even the iced kind

Coffee may give you that much-needed boost of energy when the sun is making you feel sluggish.

But it's not a good to chug a coffee – iced or hot – when the weather is warm.

Caffeine is a diuretic, meaning it causes you to pee more than usual.

This can lead to dehydration, which can trigger splitting headaches, dizziness and tiredness.

It can even result in hospitalisation if it becomes severe, causing a weak or rapid pulse, fits or low levels of consciousness.

Feeling tired, having dark coloured urine and a dry mouth are all signs of dehydration, according to the NHS.

3. Don't order takeaway food

Many take-out food options are high in salt and protein – think fried chicken or burgers.

Salty and protein rich foods produce heat inside your body when being metabolised.

This can increase the temperature of your skin, causing you to sweat more and eventually become dehydrated.

Instead, opt for the fruit and veg in your fridge (no need to whack on the oven), and smaller more frequent meals throughout the day. 

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Experts have known about this relationship between digestion and heat for years.

In a study, published in 1936, scientists showed that "eating ground beef steak and stewed tomatoes to satiety raised skin temperature an average of 2C about one hour after the meal".

Signs of heatstroke you need to know

HEATSTROKE is a serious condition caused by your body overheating.

If not treated quickly, heatstroke can be life threatening.

Here are five symptoms you must know:

  1. Feeling confused
  2. Becoming unresponsive or losing consciousness
  3. Having a fit or seizure
  4. Having a temperature above 40C
  5. Having rapid or irregular breathing

The NHS recommends that if you call 999 if you show any of these symptoms.

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