The Jonas Brothers Have Gone Full ’80s In Their "Only Human" Music Video

The Jonas Brothers just don’t quit. Their whirlwind 2019 has not stopped since rumors of their comeback started circling in February, which they followed up with a new album, documentary, and a tour. Now, the Jonas Brothers’ new "Only Human" music video has premiered, and it definitely proves the band is on a roll with their third video off of Happiness Begins.

After releasing announcing their reunion, the Jonas Brothers released "Sucker" on March 1, following up with a video the same day. Now five months later, after the "Cool" video and the release of the full Happiness Begins album, the brothers are gifting fans with the "Only Human" music video. And, in keeping with the vibe they set in their "Cool" music video, the band is going more retro than ever. Of course, it’s not the first time the JoBros have used a retro style in the visuals. "Cool" had a decidedly ’70s, Miami Vice vibe, and "Lovebug," a huge hit from their A Little Bit Longer album, focused on a couple during World Ward II.

As Access Hollywood reported, it’s now the Jonas Brothers are going to the ’80s in "Only Human." And the retro vibe of the video isn’t just seen in their outfits of over-sized suits and overalls. In the video, Joe is seen playing with landline phones, and the entire thing appears to have been treated with a filter to make it look like an old VHS home movie, static included.

It’s so obvious that the Jonas Brothers are living their lives and having fun with it. If there’s anything that came from their reunion, it’s that fact and it’s totally obvious in this video. The fans are having a great time in the balcony, and while it’s not really a Coors Light commercial, the product placement is hilarious. And they’re not trying to be to serious with themselves, what with the killer close-ups and all.

If you love their aesthetic in the video — and who wouldn’t, ’80s and Jonas Brothers go together oh-so-well — their official Twitter account sent out lockscreens for you to have. The JoBros are always lookin’ out for their fans, huh? Plus they’ve been really interacting with fans who loved the video, sharing a lot of people’s reaction gifs and videos. One fan pointed out that they used their old, original Jonas Brothers logo at the end of the video, tugging on the heartstrings of OG fans everywhere.

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