These pictures show that sometimes things aren't as they seem…

Do your eyes deceive you? Optical illusion images prove that things aren’t always what they seem at first glance

  • People reveal mind-bending photos that at first look like something else 
  • One snap shows a bunch of bananas that is actually a yellow snake on a branch 
  • Another depicts a group of birds in a bowl that look exactly like lettuce leaves 

From a bride who appears to have her bottom out on the dance floor to a bowl of baked beans that is actually a giant toad, these images prove our eyes sometimes can’t be relied upon first time around. 

People from around the world have shared the most interesting photos that make you look twice – with the very best collated in a gallery by Doc Journals.  

Onbe image seemingly shows a naked lady splayed out on top of a sofa, until you realise its a wave of ice. In another, it looks like a stream of lava is coursing down some rocks until you realise it’s a sunset through murky clouds.

Elsewhere, a delicious bunch of glazed doughnuts is really a very smooth bunch of snakes, and a truck full of chicken is simply some milk bottles on closer inspection. 

Here, FEMAIL shares some of the best examples…

Yummy! who doesn’t love a bowls of baked beans and avocado on the side of a summer meal? Just be careful this particular dish doesn’t jump at you

That’s a whole load of ducks relaxing under a tree in a lake! Or, actually, a whole load of unlucky motorcycle owners left stranded by flooding 

Oh dear! Wedding fashion seems to have really taken a turn in recent years… Luckily though, this US bride is simply being photographed in front of a shoulder

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What do you sea? You’d definitely be forgiven for assuming this lady was swimming with a smaller man who has a spiky hairdo, but consider this: anemones exist 

What the cluck? Oh look, a truck full of merry chickens – that are in actual fact a bunch of milk bottles with red tops

Not a-peeling! Here’s a tip, the next time you reach for a lovely ripe bunch of bananas, make sure it’s not a little snake on a branch

Use your loaf! It looks like there’s a freshly baked baguette in a tin here, but if you try to bite into it you may just get a mouthful of fur  

This one shows just how magical water can be, if it wasn’t for the climbing equipment you might think you were looking at a surfer on a wave

Now this is freaky… it’s uncanny how much these pretty, glossy little snakes look like delicious glazed doughnuts

Choo choo! Watch out for the cat-shaped train coming straight for you at the end of the tunnel—especially if you’re a mouse

A big bowl of lettuce anyone? Well you’re not in luck this time unfortunately—because these are parrots

Who doesn’t love burritos with heads as a delicious topping on the streets of New York? Anyone? No? Well that’s a relief as this is simply a trick of the eye

There’s something about the hole in this kitchen floor that is screaming ‘I’m cute’, but we can’t figure out what it is…

Ooh la la! This provocative ice formation is ready for their close up for a magazine glamour shoot

Your classic lava explosion over a pile of rocks is in fact a beautiful sunset through stormy clouds—beautiful

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