These Undetectable Blemish Covers Are the 'Real Deal' for Breaking the Hormonal Acne Cycle —& They're Under $16

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When acne appears, it can seem like everyone has eyes on you. Worse yet, the spots can be painful and so irritated that they leave bright red, inflamed bumps on your skin. We’ve all been there, and probably have a few tips and tricks for treating a breakout, but these invisible miracle patches
are said to banish pesky bumps almost instantly.

Rael’s Miracle Patches
effectively treat acne, thanks to the hydrocolloid technology that removes excess oil and bacteria from the site of your zit. The covers have a clear, matte finish with edges that smoothly blend into your skin, making them untraceable. The patches also help to avoid picking at your bumps, which causes them to retain more bacteria and leave scars. Each package comes with 96 patches and two sizes that cover most blemishes.

Rael Miracle Invisible Spot Cover – Hydrocolloid, Acne Pimple Absorbing Cover, Blemish Spot, Skin Care, Facial Stickers, 2 Sizes (96 Count)



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One shopper reported that these patches are the “real deal” for flattening acne. They added, “these straight-up deflate pimples overnight. The kind where there’s a painful lump beneath your skin — you wake up with it flat. Yes, it does fill in a little during the day afterward, but it makes a huge difference in the speed of healing! I wish I had these earlier.”

The spot treatment is also great for those with sensitive skin. “These worked great for me,” one five-star reviewer said. “I have hormonal acne that, when it is out of control, is pretty severe. I wish there were more in the pack without having to buy another box. I like that it includes a variety of sizes, easy to keep hygienic, stick to my oily skin, and can use them for different skin issues like ingrown hairs. They work.”

A final shopper noted that they wished they had found the patches sooner. “I get random breakouts often, and since I pick at my pimples, they always get worse and last longer. I put three of these on a couple of days before a big event, and after about six hours, I removed them to find the pimples flat and basically gone. My mind was blown. I’m so, so happy to have found these!”

If you have pesky blemishes you need gone ASAP, head to Amazon now to snag your own invisible spot covers
for under $16.

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