This is the Perfect Eyeshadow For People Who Hate Eyeshadow

Eyeshadow and I have never really gotten along. I’ve never bothered to find out which shades go where for a perfect smoky eye, nor have I mastered the art of blending. I hate the fallout that happens when you apply powdered shadow, and the creasing that occurs throughout the course of the day. In fact, eyeshadow and I are so very at odds, I don’t currently own a single palette or eyeshadow brush.

When I heard about clean cosmetics brand Kosas’s 10-Second Eyeshadow, I was skeptical. The product, which comes in a tube and applied with a doe foot wand, promised a fast-drying formula with great color payoff. More notably, it promised to be easy to use. After testing several shades, even a Leo like me has to admit I was wrong.

Kosas 10-Second Eyeshadow ($28) comes in eight shades, including four earthier tones (think rust and gold) to bolder colors (the baby blue is something I’d wear while trying to relocate my youth at a Billie Eilish concert). In the tube, it looks like a clumpy mixture of pigment and water — but once you shake it, it all blends together to create a shimmery, saturated liquid shadow.

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You apply the shadow to the lids with the doe foot and use your finger to pat it across the lid, creating a fallout-free wash of color that Kosas founder Sheena Yaitanes likens to watercolor painting — in other words, it’s not meant to be precise. However, it is meant to last: I’ve tried three shades, and each of them stayed put all day long. There's orange flower water in the formula and helps the product set. The shadow also contains polysaccharides, often found in eye creams, as well as jojoba oil, making it a makeup product with skin care built right in. Combine that with the fact that it’s the most uncomplicated, effortless shadow I’ve ever used and you’ve got what might be the best 10 seconds you’ll ever spend putting on makeup.

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