This is the world’s most popular hairstyle – and celebs like Victoria Beckham and Chrissy Teigen love it

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Gone are the days where we used to pick up a glossy new hair magazine each time we wanted to get inspiration for a new cut or colour. Now, we all just type a style or shade into Google and hit search.

But have you ever wondered exactly what women across the world are searching for? If the thought has piqued your interest then you’re in luck, because using a list of over 170 different hairstyles and cuts, hairdressing insurance provider Protectivity has analysed search data for countries around the world, and the number one search result may surprise you.

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It’s a bob. Yes, just a simple chop above the chin. Or is it that simple?

Protectivity analysed the searches for just this month, while many European countries are in the midst of lockdowns or semi-lockdowns, and we think there’s a link between what’s happening in the world and why we’re all searching for bobs.

This timeless hairdo has gone through a renaissance as of late, largely because trendy celebs like Victoria Beckham and Chrissy Teigen show just how good it can look when cut and styled right. But also because lockdown has forced us all to make changes to our usual hair routines.

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“Clients have been stranded in lockdown with hair fast becoming out of control and far too long,” says SALON64 director, Ricky Walters. “When we do get a spell of normality, clients want to celebrate with a fresh start for their hair.”

“We’re seeing a huge rise in drastic changes, like people cutting off their long locks in favour of sleek, jawline bobs. Clients are embracing the new and are ditching their pre-lockdown looks.”

As well as serving as a fresh new look, a bob is actually incredibly practical – especially during this period of uncertainty when we just aren’t sure we’ll be able to get regular salon appointments.

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For one, a bob is much easier to style than long lengths. It takes less time under a hairdryer and there’s less hair to have to curl or smooth. It’s also very versatile in that it looks good sleek, or with undone waves and texture.

We’re living in a world now where “Zoom face” and “Zoom hair” are things, and women want to look their best on camera, without committing a huge amount of time. A bob serves this exact purpose.

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If you’re tempted to get one for yourself when this UK lockdown finishes in December, take inspiration from Chrissy’s voluminous texture. Or follow in the footsteps of Posh Spice and invest in some gloss-boosting styling products, to keep your chop looking silky smooth.

Oh and if you were interested, the most searched for style in Australia this month is a mullet. Let that sink in.

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