Tom Sandoval Blows Up After Being Accused of 'Secret Rendezvous' with Raquel Leviss on Vanderpump Rules

Sandoval's costars are starting to get suspicious of his behavior with Raquel — before a producer flat out asks him whether "anything physical ever happened" between the pair.

The hints of an affair between Tom Sandoval and Raquel Leviss are emerging on “Vanderpump Rules,” as gossip really started to spread about the two hanging out together without Ariana Madix on tonight’s new episode.

During a girls night last week, James Kennedy’s girlfriend Ally Lewber claimed she saw the pair dancing together at The Abbey around 1am in the morning, with Madix nowhere in sight. On Wednesday, the hour began with Katie Maloney and Lala Kent talking to one another about that reveal — and it became clear they were both concerned about the pair’s behavior.

“I don’t want to say that Sandoval would ever cheat on Ariana because I would have to kill him, but what grabbed my attention the most was that Tom and Raquel were alone,” Maloney said in a confessional. “I’ve been friends with Sandoval for years, but I’ve never gone out with him alone dancing at 1am.”

Neither Katie or Lala have trusted Raquel all season and it seems their fears were mostly over Leviss’ actions when she drinks.

As this was going on, Sandoval met up with Tom Schwartz for lunch, where the two talked about both Raquel and Ariana. After Schwartz’s own makeout session with Leviss fizzled out, he told his buddy he believed Raquel had “a crush on someone else” — as Sandoval said she was “dope.” When talked turned to Madix, Sandoval expressed frustration at how she sometimes speaks to him — adding in a confessional, “It hurts my feelings because the person I love thinks I am dumb or annoying. It definitely pulls into question whether Ariana and I are right for each other.”

He added that he loves Madix and proactively “[works] on our love,” but didn’t always feel it was reciprocated.

Later, Ally spoke with James about the whole Abbey situation and claimed Katie told her that Sandoval and Madix didn’t have “a lot of rules” — but was unclear by what that meant. To James, he thought Maloney was implying the two were in an “open relationship” and told his girlfriend she probably shouldn’t take her concerns to Ariana directly, but perhaps see what Madix’s good friend Scheana Shay thought instead.

So, Ally did just that.

She relayed all the same information about the dancing to Scheana, before noting Katie said the two had a “weird, no rules thing” and how James believed that meant Tom and Ariana had an “open relationship.” Following this game of telephone, Shay felt Katie was “disgusting” for putting such gossip into the air. She also said she wouldn’t believe the open relationship talk “whatsoever,” before Ally asked whether Scheana would be fine with her husband Brock Davies hanging out with Raquel solo at two in the morning.

“Yeah. Brock is like a big brother, as Sandoval is like a big brother to Raquel. I would trust him in the same bed as her,” she said, defiantly. “For them to say they don’t trust Raquel around their men, that Raquel’s this type of person, it’s not okay.”

“Everyone just wants to find something wrong with Raquel. Everyone wants to think Raquel is after everyone else’s man,” Scheana added in a confessional. “I would dance with Sandoval at the Abby at 2:30am, I see nothing weird about that. Just because it’s Raquel, it must be something else.”

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Scheana then said she’d talk with Sandoval about it directly, which she did after pulling him aside during a group beach trip the next day. After saying Ally saw him and Raquel at The Abbey together, he scoffed, “Oh my god,” before Shay said Katie believes Raquel was “going after” him now.

“It’s funny you say that. The hatred towards Raquel. At the f—ing Abbey? We know everyone there,” he exclaimed. “It’s not a place where I would take a secret f—ing rendezvous.”

In a confessional, he added, “It’s annoying Katie would say something like that. It’s insulting to not just me, but Ariana as well. Raquel and I were not dancing all close in the dark corner of a speakeasy. A bunch of us just went to The Abbey, two of those people happened to be Raquel and I.”

He went on to call the “open relationship” talk the “most f—ing ridiculous f—ing thing ever.”

Of course, we all know that Sandoval and Raquel had already kissed at this point, as their first smooch happened before the whole cast went to Mexico for Shay’s wedding, which aired earlier this season. In an interview with Howie Mandel, he added the two tried to keep it cool between them after that kiss, but couldn’t — though it’s unclear, exactly, when things began heating up again.

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After Sandoval and Scheana returned to the rest of the group, Katie’s anger over Schwartz and Leviss’ kiss came up again. Sandoval made it clear he had both their backs in the situation, however, and saw no issue with Schwartz hooking up with someone in his and Maloney’s friend group.

“If me and Ariana broke up, I would be like, ‘Ariana, make out with whoever the f— you want to. You want to make out with Schwartz? That sucks, but you gotta go,'” he added.

As the party moved to a bar near the beach, fireworks exploded when Raquel decided it was a good time to confront Katie for calling her a “whore” for the Schwartz kiss. During the argument, Sandoval had Raquel’s back and claimed Ariana — who was out of town after her grandmother died — wasn’t “happy” with Katie for insinuating he and Leviss were also up to no good. He also shouted at Katie, saying she has zero “accountability” for her actions ever, before walking off yelling, “You wouldn’t be with someone for who you want them to be, you should be with them for who they f—ing are. That’s what’s up.”

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In a confessional, one of the show’s producers then flat out asked Sandoval whether “anything physical ever happened” between him and Raquel. “No. Nothing has happened between Raquel and I. Like, nothing, that wouldn’t happen between me and Katie,” he responded.

Speaking to the camera in her own confessional, Maloney tried to explain herself, saying she wasn’t implying Tom and Ariana had an open relationship, but meant the two “don’t keep each other on leashes” and “don’t have rules for each other in the relationship.” She added, “But also, my opinion of Raquel couldn’t be lower at this point. If Tom and Ariana do have an open relationship, Ariana knows nothing about it.”

It seems the Raquel and Sandoval talk will continue next week, as a preview for the upcoming episode saw Lisa Vanderpump’s husband Ken Todd claiming Tom had Leviss spend the night at his home while Ariana was out of town. In the same footage, Lala also says she believes Tom “has a thing for Raquel” — and adding, “The last time that Sandoval was talking about a woman the way he talks about Raquel, is when he was talking about Ariana while he was with Kristen.”

“Vanderpump Rules” airs Wednesdays on Bravo.

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