Tricky puzzle challenges you to find rattle hidden in cribs in under 90 seconds

Are you a big fan of puzzles?

The latest brainteaser is inspired by Covid babies that were conceived during the various lockdowns.

Created by the team at Reassured, this puzzle is sure to test your brain.

And if you think you're really good, you should be able to complete it in under 90 seconds.

So can you spot the rattle among the baby cribs?

To make things even harder, there's a whole host of things going on to really test your gaze – and it's small too.

Once you've cracked it, don't forget to let us know how well you did in the comments section below…

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According to the masterminds behind the brainteaser, the current time to beat stands at 90 seconds.

If it's too difficult for you, just scroll down where you'll find the answer circled in orange.

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