Viewers brand man on Naked Attraction the nastiest contestant EVER

Naked Attraction fans slam ‘arrogant’ gym-goer as the ‘nastiest contestant ever’ after he ‘blocked’ a woman because she turned down his offer to ‘go somewhere to chill’

  • Adam, 30, from Essex, was looking for love on Channel 4’s Naked Attraction 
  • Having chosen Leanne, 22, for a date he said he wanted to ‘go chill somewhere’
  • Revealed she turned him down, and he’d gone on to block her on social media 
  • One commented: ‘Adam is one of the nastiest contestants I’ve seen’ 

A Naked Attraction contestant was branded ‘arrogant’ after he blocked a woman who rejected him on the dating show. 

Singleton Adam, 30, from Essex, chose 22-year-old Leanne after whittling down the women on last night’s episode. 

The pair were followed by cameras as they headed out for a drink the following day. When Adam suggested they ‘go somewhere and chill’, Leanne declined, saying she wanted to get an early night as she had work the following day. 

Viewers slammed Adam, 30, from Essex, after his appearance on the programme, with one calling him ‘the nastiest contestant’ to ever appear on Naked Attraction

Viewers were stunned by the dater, with many taking to Twitter to slate his ‘arrogant’ response to being rejected 

When the crew caught up with the couple six weeks later, it emerged Adam had ‘blocked’ Leanne from his phone. 

The move was widely blasted by fans of the show, with one going so far as to say Adam was the ‘nastiest contestant’ they had ever seen. 

Taking to Twitter, one commented: ‘To Adam…Don’t block women who are honest and say they don’t wanna see you again. 

Adam and Leanne headed out for a date with one another later that day, although he made his intentions clear he was keen to ‘head somewhere and chill’ 


‘You may have been bullied as a kid, and feel better about yourself now, that’s great, but use it for good, don’t be an arrogant, damaged p****.’ 

Another wrote: ‘Adam is one of the nastiest contestants I’ve seen on #nakedattraction. Just because you lose weight, you change your life around and you can wear clothes that are in smaller sizes… you can’t change your personality. You’ll always be an egotistical arrogant t***.’ 

Adam was also criticised for his attitude in the early rounds of the show, in which he rejected one woman for having a tattoo and another for having a Northern accent. 

Offering some explanation for his confidence, Adam told how he struggled with body confidence issues in school. 

At one stage while he was facing the naked ladies, Adam said he had a ‘face full of f*****’, adding ‘What’s not to love?’

The naked Leanne, 22, was selected by Adam to go on a date later that evening, though she admitted she thought he came across ‘a little in love with himself’ 

He said: ‘My size held me back at school, I got massively bullied. When I was 18, I couldn’t even talk to a girl, had low self esteem, really hated myself.’

He went on: ‘I’m single because I haven’t’ had that connection with someone and I think I need to find someone on the same wave-length.’

The contestant added that his weight loss had transformed his confidence, saying: ‘I used to be a Ford Focus and now I’m a Porsche.’ 

Those watching were stunned when he later admitted he’d blocked Leanne on social media after she rejected him for a second date 

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