Watch Jennifer Garner Hilariously Recreate A Sexy Bikini Scene From ‘Alias’ 18 Years Later

  • Jennifer Garner, 48, just hilariously recreated a sexy bikini scene from Alias.
  • The actress shared the funny video to celebrate 10 million Instagram followers.
  • Unsurprisingly, both fans and Jen’s famous fans loved her recreation 18 years later.

Actress Jennifer Garner, 48, has been keeping her fans entertained throughout 2020 with funny Instagram videos. And over the weekend, she decided to treat her massive Instagram following to a hilarious recreation of a sexy bikini scene from her TV show, Alias. (FYI: That scene is from 18 years, according to E! News, and Jen *still* looks amazing.)

In the side-by-side video, Jennifer shared a steamy scene where she emerged from a swimming pool in a blue bikini, toweled off, stepped into high heels and proceeded to take her top off. But in her 2020 recreation, she instead rocked a wetsuit, goggles, and some soggy Ugg slippers.

“I am awfully grateful for everyone in this community ♥️. To celebrate all 10 million of you 🙈🤗, here is THE video I promised my manager (hi, @nksolaka) and my publicist (hi, @mereowass) I would never post (because 👧🏻➡️👵🏼😂). At some point in 2021, Ladies, I will try to look cute just for you. 🤗♥️ #thankyou,” she captioned the funny video.

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As Jen got out of the pool in her 2020 rendition, she chucked her goggles back into the pool and struggled to pull down the zipper of her wetsuit.

In totally-unsurprising news, the video got an amazing response from her fans and celeb friends.

“The wet Uggs- im crying internally,” on fan wrote. And, national treasure that she is, Jennifer responded: “It was a huge sacrifice. I didn’t take wet Ugg’s lightly. I want you to know I stopped and dried them instantly–we only put them through it once.❤️”

Actress Eva Longoria commented, “Omg 😂😂😂😂😂,” while actor Leslie Jordan said, “This is amazing. Love it and you. Oh, and you’re always cute.” Robin Roberts also chimed in, “Just when I think I couldn’t possibly adore you any more than I already do! Bless you for always making all of us smile. You are a gem, Jen.🥰”

Brb, watching this LOL-worthy video on repeat.

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