When you're drunk and THINK you've met a celebrity…

That’s embarrassing! People share images of the AWFUL fake ‘celebrities’ they thought they met while they were drunk – from a bad Cardi B lookalike to a dodgy Brad Pitt doppelganger

  • TikTok users are sharing photos they took on drunken nights out with strangers they thought were celebrities
  • Some actually look quite a bit like the star that the TikToker thought he or she was meeting, but some aren’t even close
  • Highlights include Timothée Chalamet, Matthew McConaughey, Ed Sheeran, Post Malone, Justin Bieber, and Harry Styles

For a number of TikTok users, getting drunk is the key to partying with celebrities — or at least, partying with people they think are celebrities.

In a growing trend on the video-sharing app, TikTokers are looking back at nights out when they got drunk and ran into famous people.

Many of them managed to take photos with the stars, including Brad Pitt, Cardi B, Matthew McConaughey, Ed Sheeran, and Timothée Chalamet.

But when they woke up the next morning and looked at their prize selfies, these people were stunned — and a bit embarrassed — to realize they hadn’t been hobnobbing with Hollywood after all.

Now, they’re sharing the funny photos they snapped with these faux-stars — some of them look a bit like their famous counterparts, and others who truly look nothing like the celebrities that the then-drunk TikTokers were so excited to ‘meet.’

Not him! TikTokers are sharing photos of ‘celebrities’ they thought they met when they were drunk, like faux-Justin Bieber

Close! Laura Jane admits she was drunk when she ran into ‘Ed Sheeran,’ though the man she actually met does look quite a bit like the singer

Yikes! To be fair to @burritogirl69, who thought she met Lil Wayne, how many people actually have face tattoos, anyway?

Another one! It seems that quite a lot of these faux-stars play along with their fans, like this one who pretended he was, in fact, DJ Khaled

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Far off! Some of the ‘lookalikes’ look absolutely nothing like the real deal, like this man whose hair looks a bit like Harry Styles’ locks

Whoops! Bekah was convinced she ran into 13 Reasons Why star Katherine Langford, but woke up to this picture (left) 

Uh… okurr? MMA fighter Bruno Oliveira thought he saw Cardi B. He did not

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Does anyone really know what he looks like? Quite a lot of TikTokers have thought they’ve run into Post Malone on a night out 

So Hollywood: Another TikToker saw a man with long blonde hair and was convinced she saw Brad Pitt

Alright? Another drunk TikToker snapped a picture of ‘Matthew McConaughey’

Funny in the morning: TikToker Millie even shared her picture with a fake ‘Drake’ on Snapchat

In on it: A young man mistaken for Timothée Chalamet just went with it when a ‘fan’ took his picture

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