Where EastEnders’ Miller family are now: from working in a restaurant to voiceover artist

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The Miller family fast became firm favourites of Albert Square after arriving on EastEnders almost two decades ago back in 2004.

The raucous relatives known as the ‘Mad Millers’ promptly cemented themselves as some of the best-loved characters on the show, beating off stiff competition at the time from the Slaters and Di Marcos.

But while we know what happened to Micky Miller aka Mr Stacey Solomon Joe Swash, whatever happened to the rest of the actors who played the residents of 27 Albert Square and where are they now? Let’s take a look…

Micky Miller played by Joe Swash

Micky Miller was the first of the family to arrive on the Square a whole year before the rest of the gang arrived.

Joe Swash was ready to abandon his acting ambitions when he landed the role that made him famous.

Joe remained on the show until 2008, and during this time managed to keep it in the family by bringing in his sister Shauna to play his on-screen sister and his then baby son Harry to play his on-screen baby niece.

It was on set at Eastenders that Joe met Harry’s mum, his now ex, Emma Sophocleous.

Joe faced money troubles after leaving the show, and has admitted to being declared bankrupt twice.

"I got into EastEnders and was irresponsible with money. I was chucking it away on stuff I didn’t need,” he’s since said of his financial struggles.

However, after an appearance on I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here Joe’s luck changed, he met his now fiancé Stacey Solomon and the couple now live in a £1.2 million home in Essex.

Meanwhile, Joe is a regular feature on reality show’s and also his famous wife to be’s Instagram feed.

Darren Miller played by Charlie G Hawkin

Charlie G Hawkin played little brother Darren Miller, and lasted the longest on the show notching up three years on the Square.

The actor, who is now 30, has admitted that he struggled with the fame that being on the show brought with it, and how his mental health was affected by online trolls.

"I would stare at that one comment and it absolutely broke me. It really affected me,” he explained to podcast Distinct Nostalgia.

Perhaps as a result, Charlie has more recently moved behind the camera, writing for television including an episode of Eastenders spin-off E20.

He also regularly appears on podcasts, radio shows and is an established voiceover artist.

Charlie also co-hosted a British take on American football called Ice The Kicker with his long time friend, comedian Tom Deacon.

Rosie Miller played by Gerry Cowper

Miller matriarch Rosie Miller was played by Gerry Cowper who has already made her name in acting thanks to her role in cult 1970s film The Wicker Man.

Following her two-year stint on the Square, Gerry’s acting career maintained a steady pace and she has appeared in a number of TV and film projects, including Law & Order UK.

Keith Miller played by David Spinx

David Spinx played layabout dad Keith Miller who was famous for fraudulently claiming incapacity benefit.

He left the show to continue a successful acting career which he juggles alongside a career in teaching and while working as an artist.

The now 70-year-old often takes to social media to share his latest creations.

Demi Miller played by Shauna Swash

Stacey Slater actress Lacey Turner originally auditioned for the role of Demi Miller, but it was Shauna Swash who pipped her to the post.

The actress is now 30, a Mum of one, and runs a restaurant with her husband, carpenter Neil Jones.

Shauna continued to act following her Eastenders departure, and most notably starred in the acclaimed Brit movie My Feral Heart.

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