Who'll find love on FEMAIL's virtual date?

Who’ll find love on FEMAIL’s virtual date? This week it’s Zoe, 33, and Corrado, 40, but will romance be on the cards?

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  • Author Zoe, 33, and physics teacher Corrado, 40, shared their virtual date 
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Zoe, 33, (pictured) has been single for two years and has no children 

ZOE, 33 

Dating past?

I’ve had a few relationships, but nothing long-term. For the past two years I haven’t dated as much as I’ve been too busy with work, but I’m now looking for a partner.

Pre-date nerves?

I was a bit nervous because we were not meeting in person.

It’s important to make an effort from a psychological point of view, so I wore a nice black top and jeans, but I did keep my slippers on. As I was getting dressed up I put on my good underwear, then wondered why!

I had food and a glass of wine ready. I even lit candles for the table, which he thought was funny.

First impressions?

I thought he was very attractive, with the loveliest smile. He had a nice shirt on and looked friendly and relaxed, which put me at ease.

Vital statistics  

Single for two years, no children.

Current role


Would like to meet

Someone who is funny and kind. I don’t really like arrogant or cocky guys. Ideally he would have a passion and be driven and ambitious.

Easy to talk to?

Corrado doesn’t do small talk, which I like. We chatted about everything from Covid-19 conspiracy theories to our lives. He’s clearly an intelligent and interesting person.

At first I felt I was asking more questions and I wondered if he wasn’t interested in me, but he was keen to hear about my work as an author. I’ve had four romantic comedies published, and when I told him my debut was about dating he told me he was going to read it.

Embarrassing moments?

I did find it strange not being able to see all of him. At one point I asked him for a close-up of his eyes and he obliged. It was hard to read body language and judge the chemistry.

I was holding my phone and he considerately suggested I put it on the table at one point so I could eat — he had a nice view of my ceiling!

Did sparks fly?

It’s so hard to flirt virtually, but we talked for more than two hours and were still going strong when the connection broke up. We tried to reconnect, then texted for a while.

Zoe’s verdict: 8/10 

Liked? He has a really nice smile and is genuine and open.

Regrets? Only the connection issue — technology, not us. 

See him again? Yes.

Would you like to meet him in person?

We agreed to meet up after the lockdown. We had none of the stress over whether to kiss. I think all first dates should be virtual.

What do you think he thought of you?

I think he found me interesting and respected that I’m creative.

Would you like to take him home to your family?

I would introduce him to my friends and my mum would like him. He’s genuine, and it was lovely when he said he missed his students. I’ve found the isolation hard as I live alone, so this was uplifting.

Corrado, 40, (pictured) has been single for about seven months 


Dating past?

I’ve been in one long-term relationship of seven years.

Pre-date nerves?

I was worried my date might ask for a virtual tour of my house — it’s a real mess at the moment — and that the wifi would cut out, which would make the date stressful.

First impressions?

I was delighted to see such a pretty face on my screen. I think Zoe has lovely eyes. It was great she had made such an effort — she even lit candles for the table. Initially the video was blurred, which was a shame, but we swapped to our smartphones so I could appreciate her beauty even more.

Easy to talk to?

Vital statistics 

Single for about seven months.

Current Role

Physics teacher.

Would like to meet

Someone easy-going. I don’t like control freaks or women who seem fake.

Zoe has a great spark and a positive vibe, and it was a pleasure to speak to her. We bonded over our takeaways — she found pork in her vegan dish, which she fed to her dog, Bella. I love animals, so was delighted to meet her.

Zoe is driven by her passion for writing, and I was impressed by the fact she’s a published novelist. We talked about the pandemic and speculated about future scenarios — I think she got some inspiration for her next book.

Embarrassing moments?

We found out that the platform we were planning to use doesn’t allow video, so we swapped to another app on our computers. The image was so bad that after half an hour we had a break, then video-chatted on our phones. The picture was much better.

Did sparks fly?

I think we connected when we were sharing our passions for writing and music respectively. She said: ‘At times I get so carried away by my writing that I’m worried about losing my social life.’ I often find myself being swallowed by the creative process, too.

Corrado’s verdict: 8/10

Liked? She is passionate and intelligent.

Regrets? Having met in the middle of a pandemic.

See her again? Yes.

Would you like to meet her in person?

We agreed to catch up after the lockdown — anywhere no internet connection is needed!

What do you think she thought of you?

Before saying goodbye, she told me she found me interesting. I hope she enjoyed my company.

Would you like to take her home to your family?

I’m sure they would find her interesting and lovely, like I did. I’m Italian and most of my family is back in Italy, so it’s a worrying time; this was a good distraction.

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