Why does Kate Middleton wear so many plasters? Everything you need to know

Kate Middleton is one of the most photographed women on the planet, and can regularly be seen sporting stylish outfits and looking glamorous.

The Princess Of Wales, 41, is rarely ever spotted with a hair out of place, but one thing eagle-eyed royal fans have spotted over the years is how Kate can frequently be found with plasters on her hands.

She's made headlines on a number of occasions after being seen with a plaster on her hand, and most recently sported one as she arrived at men's prison HMP High Down in Surrey.

A spokesperson for Kensington Palace said it was a "small injury, nothing serious".

The Princess was first seen sporting a fabric skin-coloured plaster wrapped around her right thumb at the National Service of Thanksgiving at St Paul's Cathedral in 2022.

The mum-of-three wowed in a light yellow dress and matching hat, but it appears that her hand captured the attention of fans instead of her striking look.

She continued to wear the plaster at the events she attended during the Jubilee weekend, including when she visited Cardiff with her husband Prince William, 41, and their two eldest children, Prince George, and Princess Charlotte.

Kate was seen at various points clapping and cheering along to music with her ailment on show, and she also happily shook hands with staff and fans at the event, suggesting her thumb wasn't causing her too much pain.

While a small plaster isn't much to worry about, it's definitely not the first time Kate has been spotted sporting one on her hands, with the 41 year old being photographed on dozens of occasions with different plasters on her hands throughout the years.

There's several possible explanations for the plasters, but according to Bristol Post, Buckingham Palace previously said they had "no comment" on why Kate was often seen wearing plasters.

The Palace apparently said: “We have no comment on the plaster," when previously asked.

However, Kate is a keen gardener and also enjoys cooking, so these hobbies could potentially explain her injuries. Having three children, a dog and endless amounts of charity work could also result in minor injuries.

Dr Anton Alexandroff, a spokesman for the Consultant Dermatologist & British Skin Foundation, has also previously commented on Kate's plasters, insisting they're not very successful at helping injuries heal.

“Wearing plasters isn’t that helpful because the skin doesn’t breathe as well and it takes longer to heal," they told the Daily Express at the time.

"As a mum, you are washing your hands all the time, so it is important to moisturise regularly. Using moisturiser is the best way to heal a scratch," they added.

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