Why Taylor Swift Lost Her Masters To Scooter Braun — Music Lawyer Breaks Down Epic Feud

Taylor Swift was stunned when Scooter Braun gained the rights to her ‘life’s work.’ So how exactly did it happen? We’ve got the answers!

Taylor Swift was deeply disturbed when Justin Bieber‘s manager Scooter Braun acquired the masters to her first six albums by buying Scott Borchetta‘s Big Machine Records for $300 million. In a heartbreaking Tumblr post, which Taylor shared on June 30, the singer accused Scooter of “bullying” her for years and said “never in her worst nightmares” did she think this would happen. But it did happen, and in order to understand exactly how Taylor lost out on the rights to her first six albums, we spoke to entertainment lawyer Ben Mclane who told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY that it all comes down to money.

“When an artist signs with a record label, especially if they are brand new like Taylor was when she started, the label generally owns the copyrights to the original sound recordings — they call them masters. And that is pretty typical because the label is paying to record them, they’re putting the artist in the studio and paying to promote them. Sometimes later in the artist’s career, when they become famous, they might try to buy them back. Which is probably what Taylor tried to do but because she is so famous now and those masters are worth so much, possibly hundreds of millions of dollars or more, so whatever they were asking her to pay was probably just way too much, or more than she wanted to spend, that is my guess because otherwise I’m sure she’d  want to own those…We don’t really know what happened but I wouldn’t be surprised if she made an overture to buy the rights back to her masters and maybe the price tag was just too big. And she probably trusted the label,” Ben told us.

Unfortunately for Taylor, the trust she put in her label was betrayed. But the good news is she’s got some very strong women in her corner. RihannaMiley Cyrus, Nicki Minaj, Camila CabelloSelena GomezAdele, and Gwen Stefani have all have reportedly unfollowed Scooter on social media since the news broke. And Scooter’s own client, Ariana Grande, deleted her Instagram story congratulating him on the purchase after seeing Tayor’s message. Halsey went even further and wrote a long tweet crediting Taylor as an inspiration and ended with “I am standing with her” with a broken heart emoji. Taylor clearly appreciated the love and support because she retweeted Halsey’s message. So far Scooter has not responded to Taylor’s Tumblr post.

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