Why these (super cute) pimple patches are perfect for zapping spots

We don’t usually gush about the cuteness of pimple patches, but these pimple patches have got us, well, smiling.

But they’re more than a pretty face (see what we did there?). These little plaster-like circles from Restored are designed to tackle spots, helping to calm inflammation and tone down redness.

They contain a material called hydrocolloid, which is used in medical dressings to draw bacteria to the surface, absorb fluid, and help heal the wound, or in this case the pimple.

Restored’s patches are applied directly to the spot and left overnight, by which time the spot should have calmed down and started to heal (just make sure to cleanse and dry your skin beforehand).

The pimple patches also act as a handy barrier between your spots and any bacteria they might come into contact with – especially useful when you’re sleeping and your face touches the pillow.

Finally, the patches should stop any temptation to pick at the pimples and make them worse (we’ve all been there).

A reviewer on Trustpilot wrote she was a big fan of these patches, saying: ‘Love that the acne patches have cute smiley faces on them, used them a few times and although they haven’t gotten rid of my big spots (we can’t expect miracles!), my smaller spots almost disappeared overnight with them, definitely recommend!’

Restored: also has a face oil, the product that launched the brand, designed to moisturise and balance acne-prone skin.

It’s light-weight and features only non-comedogenic oils – including camellia and papaya seed oils – that shouldn’t block pores. It’s also high in omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins and antioxidants.

The oil has lots of glowing five star reviews on Trustpilot.

One happy customer wrote: ‘I have acne prone skin and the oil really helped me with the inflammation and the scars afterwards! It smells really nice and is made with natural ingredients so definitely a must have in my routine.’

Another, meanwhile, said: ‘I LOVE this face oil. It’s light weight whilst also feeling very hydrating on my skin, and is my go-to product before applying my make up as it makes the perfect, glowy base.’

Restored: was set up by model and beauty enthusiast Katie Louise Grant, who was struggling with acne and couldn’t find a product that worked for her.

She was inspired to create her own blend of oils after researching non western treatments on an extended trip to Bali.

Thus, Restored: was born and we’ve got to say, we’ve not seen cuter pimple patches so far!

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