Woman adds Lush Snow Fairy to her washing to make clothes smell amazing

Every year, Lush fans eagerly await the return of the brand’s Snow Fairy shower gel at Christmas time.

The pink product smells of bubblegum and candyfloss and often people like to stock up on the stuff.

But one woman has found a way to get even more of the smell from each bottle – by adding a little to her laundry.

While Lush only recommends using the gel on your body in the shower, Scottish TikTokker @kayleightaylor93 saw someone else post about the idea and decided to give it a go.

She said: ‘So I saw someone add snow fairy to their washing machine the other day and it made their clothes smell amazing so I’m gonna do my dressing gown and see how we get on.

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‘So I’ve got one capful of the snow fairy and I’m just gonna put it down here in the drum with the dressing gown. 

‘Then I’m going to add my soap powder as normal. I’m adding a wee touch of softener.’

Kayleigh washed the dressing on a 30 degree quick wash.

After the cycled finished, she took it out and sniffed it, saying it smelled amazing.

She then popped it in the dryer and hung it up, ready to wear again.

‘I’m fairly chuffed with that hack,’ she said, as she gave the camera a thumbs up.

Over 43,000 people have watched the video and some said they were keen to give it a go themselves.

One comment said: ‘Need to do this.’

Another added: ‘Lush products are amazing.’

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