Woman, Husband Arrested for 'Brutal' Murders of 4 Family Members After TV Interviews About Finding Bodies

"Whoever did this, I don't see how you can live with yourself," Amy Vilardi exclaimed in one TV interview, as police called the grisly crime scene "one of the worst things they'd ever seen."

After four of their family members were murdered on Halloween night back in 2015, Amy and Ross Vilardi went on TV and asked their killers how they could “live with yourself” after the grisly slayings. Now, the two have been arrested for those very same murders.

On Friday, the Anderson County Sheriff’s Office announced that the two were “arrested for the brutal killings of four people in Pendleton,” seven years after the crimes took place. On that fateful evening, Amy’s parents — Cathy and Mike Scott, 60 and 59, respectively — grandmother, 82-year-old Violet Taylor, and Mike’s mother, 80-year-old Barbara Scott were all killed in an incident sheriffs said “rocked the Anderson County community to its core.”

At the time of the slayings, Amy said she found the bodies after opening the back door to the mobile home of the victims’, who lived on the same property. She and her husband later went on TV to talk about discovering the bodies, while maintaining their innocence.

“When I went to knock on the back door, the door just pushed open so I walked in and it was dark and I just flipped the light on and there they were. They were just, they were there,” Amy said at the time.

“I don’t understand why any of it has happened and I just keep thinking it’s a dream I’m going to wake up from,” she continued. “Whoever did this, I don’t see how you can live with yourself.”

When asked if she had a message for her family’s murderers in another interview (below), she responded, “I can’t say that on TV.”

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Now, she and her husband have both been charged with four counts of murder.

“I think we knew this day was coming, we were praying this day would come,” Sheriff McBride said in a press release. “So far, a lot of prayers have been answered.”

During a press conference, McBride also said the victims were “senselessly and brutally murdered,” saying it “was a bad scene” and “probably what some of our folks would probably say was one of the worst things they’d ever seen.”

All four victims were reportedly stabbed to death and shot postmortem, in what authorities said was a “gruesome” killing. No details were revealed as to why they were finally able to make an arrest, though that information should come out in court soon. They were first named as persons of interest by authorities earlier this year.

According to FOX Carolina, the couple appeared in court on Saturday and were denied bond. Their next hearing will be in February.

Woman Found Guilty of Brutally Murdering Husband Seen on Doorbell Footage Screaming 'Baby, No!'

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