Woman mortified to match with brother on dating app

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How bromantic.

A Pennsylvania TikTok star’s hunt for love on Hinge backfired hilariously she was matched with her younger brother. The Philly native detailed the dating app mishap in an uproarious video with over 2.4 million views.

“We will be suing Hinge,” joked Brooke Averick, 24, who received the incestuous recommendation while spending Thanksgiving with her family in Haverford.

The preschool teacher known as LadyEfron on the platform, explains in the Nov. 26 clip, “Something I’m most thankful for is my most compatible with on Hinge has been updated.”

The vid then cuts to a shot of the hookup app rec, which Averick reads out loud: “Most Compatible: Brooke & Noah, we think you two should meet.”

“And we agreed, and we are already spending Thanksgiving together, and it’s going well, let me show you,” muses Averick as Noah slides into frame.

She then drops the bombshell: “And here he is and the fact of the matter is; this is my brother.”

The clip concludes with Noah pretending to kiss his sister as she pushes him away while warning him to “stop it” as it’s “not funny.”

The intrafamilial matchmaking incident had TikTok in stitches.

“I’m dying,” wrote one commenter.

“I was like ‘wow they look alike and then I was like ‘oh,’” said another.

One TikTok twit joked, “Hinge knew it’s a pandemic and you gotta stick to the household to be safe.”

Even singer Meghan Trainor posted a hearty “HAHAHA” in the comment section.

The mixup seemed especially unforgivable considering that Hinge reportedly uses a Nobel Prize-winning algorithm to generate matches.

Nonetheless, it was par for the course for Averick, who has amassed more than 750,000 TikTok followers from recounting her various humiliating ordeals on camera. Highlights include the unlucky influencer pooping her own pants during the father-daughter dance at her bat mitzvah and throwing up while driving her high school crush home.

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