Your Aries Monthly Horoscope for September

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Aries Sun/Moon/Rising:

Happy September, my dear warrior goddess, Aries! This Virgo season is going to cool you down and bring you back down to earth. Leo season was quite an energetic and enchanting time for you, and Virgo season is serving you a grounding reality check. Practical matters come to the forefront with the New Moon in Virgo on September 6. The Moon and Sun will join together in the sign ruling over health, routine, work, and the small details. Yes, Virgo is also known to give off that perfectionist energy, but you can totally make the most of this productive earthy vibe.

Practice makes perfect, and now my dear Aries, you can start to make major boss moves on new ideas, projects, or even that hot romance you manifested during Leo season. The New Moon in Virgo is getting you organized, Marie Kondo-style. It will ground and motivate you to do the work. You also could start to analyze if a recent fling is worth taking to the next level. The New Moon is also inspiring a mindset change when it comes to your health, work schedule, and wellbeing, especially if you’ve been burning the candle at both ends. Health is wealth…amirite?! In general, you are manifesting career greatness at this time due to all of the sweat-equity you are now putting in. Who runs the world? You boo!

Venus, the planet of love and relationships, moves into the passionate sign of Scorpio in your marriage house on September 10. And no babe, not all of you are getting married, but this could be a major theme for some of you! Summer romances can also deepen for a lot of you Aries queens around this time. If single, you can meet someone with long-term potential…just in time for cuffing season. A small warning to be careful with your or a partner’s budget at this time. Venus also rules over our money, and bumps in the financial road can occur when in the sign of Scorpio.

All that earthy Virgo focus is going to pay off as we move through the month towards the visionary and emotional Full Moon in Pisces on September 20. Sudden waves of inspiration and intuition are going to benefit you in a real way. This will occur when the Pisces Moon is directly opposite the Virgo Sun in the sky, giving us the bright, round effect that we know and love. What makes this one extra potent is the Pisces Moon’s connection with realistic dreamer, Neptune Retrograde. The Full Moon is also empowering Pluto Retrograde in the realm of your career, honors, and prestige. It’s time for those otherworldly ideas to come to life, my lovely Aries!

As we move further into the month, the Sun moves into Libra, initiating a new zodiac season on September 22, the Fall Equinox. It will join the communication planet, Mercury, and your ruling planet Mars in this sign. Mars rules over your drive, ambition and sexuality, and it can feel some discomfort in the relational sign of Libra. This celestial stellium (aka three or more planets in one sign) is placing the energetic spotlight on interpersonal matters.

A few days later, Mercury officially turns retrograde on September 27, bringing back old friends and blurring the clarity of your interpersonal communication. With this planetary shift, it’s important to be mindful of your tone and tread lightly in communication with others. Existing contracts or work-related agreements could also create some internal tension, ultimately showing you what needs to change in order to create the best scenario for you. This is also not the time to start new relationships, sign important contracts, and have important meetings. Revise, revisit, and lay low, babe!

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