You’re storing chocolate wrong – experts say you should never keep it in fridge

Happy International Chocolate Day!

The sweet treat is celebrated annually on September 13, which just so happens to be the birth date of American chocolatier Milton S. Hershey.

Some also believe it to be the anniversary that cocoa was introduced to Europe in 1550.

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The celebration has been marked since 2009 – and is the perfect opportunity to satisfy your sweet tooth.

But before you stock up by putting choccy in the fridge, listen up.

Sarah Hartnett, a confectionary expert based in London, says that choccy is best enjoyed at room temperature.

Not only does chilling it cause chocolate to lose its shine, it can make it taste different too.

Storing the product next to other items in the fridge can cause it to take on different scents and flavours.

And no one wants their cocoa to taste like garlic or onions!

Sarah's not the only one to advise against refrigerating chocolate.

Earlier this year, Nick Small has urged sweet-lovers to stop this habit.

Speaking on behalf of, Nick said: “For many years, people have debated whether chocolate should be kept in the fridge or whether ambient temperatures make for a better chocolate-eating experience.

“We can confirm that chocolate should not be kept in the fridge as it can alter both its taste and texture.”

In fact, chocolate should be stored at around 20°C for optimal enjoyment, revealed the expert.

He added: “Cocoa butter absorbs flavours and odours, meaning if you keep your chocolate in the fridge, other items stored close by influence its taste, with colder temperatures also stopping the cocoa butter from releasing more subtle flavours.”

Another reason why you shouldn't refrigerate your chocs is because of something called “sugar bloom” – when it is chilled and then exposed to warmer air, causing condensation on the surface which dissolves some of the sugar.

“If chocolate is stored in the fridge and taken out when it’s time to enjoy it, the condensation on the surface can dissolve the sugar, causing it to crystallise which negatively impacts the overall texture of the chocolate, making it grainy,” Nick added.

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