YouTuber gives his Lamborghini blue makeover to announce baby's gender

The most extravagant gender reveal EVER? YouTuber gives his £215,000 Lamborghini a blue makeover as he announces baby’s sex with lavish party

  • Ste Hamilton found out his baby’s gender by the colour of his revamped car 
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A YouTuber has revealed how he gave his Lamborghini a bright blue makeover as part of his baby’s lavish gender reveal party.

Ste Hamilton, from Birmingham, and his fiancé Isabella Rowles, threw the extravagant event for their loved ones in October last year.

The couple – who recently welcomed their son Cruze – pulled out all the stops for the gender reveal party at the luxury Belfy Hotel in Sutton.

In order to keep the happy news a surprise from their guests, the pair documented in a YouTube video how they filled the room with balloons in neutral shades and fluffy teddy bears. 

Alongside their meal, guests were also served themed snacks – including ice cream sticks featuring mini edible hot air balloons.

Ste Hamilton pictured with his fiance Isabella Rowles and their son Cruze at West Bromwich Albion football club earlier this year

In the centre of the room, Ste – who is the founder of the TEAM E13VEN Property Network – had his Lamborghini Urus, which can cost up to £215,000, hidden away in a black box.

In September, Ste had handed over the keys of his beloved sports car to Yianni Charalambous for him to customise.

The CEO of Yiannimize – which specialises in car wrapping – was one of the only people to find out baby Cruze’s gender before his parents.

Filming a clip ahead of the party, Yianni said: ‘Not long to go until you find out if it’s a boy or a girl! A girl or a boy!

‘The car is looking great, the interior looks incredible with the lights – the sparkling lights inside like the Rolls Royce Rafe!’

When it was time to announce the happy news, one of their guests was asked to cut the red ribbon holding the black box together – which revealed Ste’s Lamborghini had been covered in a baby blue toned vinyl.

On top of this, the couple also had blue confetti poppers to shower all their guests.

Clearly overwhelmed by the news, Ste and Isabella started jumping up and down before sharing an emotional embrace.

Pictured: Ste found out he was expecting a boy from the colour of his revamped Lamborghini Urus

In order to keep the gender a surprise, the couple kitted out the room with accessories in neutral tones – such as these balloons and teddy bears

Ste and Isabella shared an emotional hug in the moments after their baby’s gender was announced to the world

On the inside of the car, Yianni had also installed blue lights to tie in with the theme of the makeover.

Afterwards, Ste was given personalised West Bromwich Albion football tops for him and his son.

Speaking to camera following the party, Ste said: ‘The event was spectacular.

‘I had no preference [about the gender]. I didn’t want a boy or a girl more than the other.

‘But then when I saw it was a boy, I think something came out inside me that was like, “yes!”

Guests were also served themed snacks – including ice cream sticks featuring mini edible hot air balloons

The new parents hosted their gender reveal party in one of the conference rooms at the luxury Belfy Hotel in Sutton

The couple welcomed baby Cruze – who already boasts 184 Instagram followers of his own – at the end of February.

Last month, the new father shared a gushing post with his 24,000 followers, which read: ‘I tell him everyday that he was born to change the world and he can do anything he wants. 

‘Me and Isabella will give him the world as his platform but he has to work hard to achieve what he was born for.

I feel sorry for his generation because anyone that comes up against him, in any way shape or form won’t stand a chance, his mentality won’t be, it’s ok not to be number 1, it’s going to be, I’m always number 1.’

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