Zepp E Smartwatch Review: the watch that lasts 10 days between charges

IN the world crazy about smart wearables, the newest Zepp E Smartwatch has to prove its worth amongst an array of popular choices.

I've got my hands on one model and decided to put it to the test, to see if it can help me to re-evaluate my smartwatch expectations.

There's a little confession I have to make before going into details about my experience with the Zepp E Smartwatch: I've never been a massive fan of fitness trackers.

The idea that some kind of device will tell me about the little sleep I've had, or remind me about the step count I haven't reached, instantly puts me off; and a watch has only been a matter of fashion accessory.

I also hated the idea of needing to charge another device in my life: I'll soon run out of plugs in my house to charge every item that suddenly became 'smart'.

However, the Zepp E Smartwatch has changed my mind: the battery lasted for about one and a half weeks, it has been my greatest ally in the journey of saying goodbye to the lockdown stagnation.

Zepp E Smartwatch Review: A Summary

There's two smart watches available from Zepp E: the Circle and the Square. Both models have almost identical features, but I'll be pointing out any relevant differences. I tested the Square for this review.

  • Zepp E Circle Smartwatch, £209 on Amazon – buy here
  • Zepp E Square Smartwatch, £209 on Amazon – buy here

I've loved testing out the Zepp E Smartwatch. Its sleek, minimalist design, incredible battery life, and almost unoticable weight meant that the watch has barely left my arm.

The watch seamlessly blended in with any outfit, and provided plenty of data when working out.

It stands in an expensive range in the market, more expensive than the Fitbit Versa 3 and less than Apple Watch Series 6.

I haven't tested the sports band yet, but the leather strap is not the most comfortable to wear during HIIT workouts, so if you're buying the watch as a workout companion, make sure you get the sports version.

Zepp E Smartwatch Features

The Zepp E Smartwatch has everything you'd expect from a smartwatch: it counts your steps, calories burned, and activity intensity throughout the day.

In addition to that, the watch can measure your blood oxygen levels (although, it's not a medical device so not suitable for medical uses), assess your stress levels based on your heart rate, and show how exercise affects your body state.

  • Zepp E Circle Smartwatch, £209 on Amazon – buy here
  • Zepp E Square Smartwatch, £209 on Amazon – buy here

All these features have worked brilliantly for me, and I found them extremely useful, especially during lockdown when leaving the house was not so common.

Zepp E Smartwatch's sleep monitor worked well for me: showed different sleep stages such as light sleep, deep sleep, and rapid eye movement (REM).

The watch has a magnetic charging base, and it takes about 90 minutes to fully charge.

  • Zepp E Circle Smartwatch, £209 on Amazon – buy here
  • Zepp E Square Smartwatch, £209 on Amazon – buy here

The Circle model weighs about 32g, and the Square one 36g (both without the bands), meaning it's so lightweight you'll barely notice it on your wrist, and it's perfect if you, like me, don't like to take the watch off when you sleep.

I've found the Weather App on the watch extremely useful: you not only get plenty of information for the current day, but the week ahead as well.

In the widgets, you'll find: a compass, timer, count down and find mobile function. The latter has proven to be extremely useful since my phone's been on silent mode since 2015 and periodically disappears.

The watch doesn't have third-party app support, but that has not been an issue for me: the watch itself had plenty of handy widgets and information.

Zepp E Smartwatch Design and Display Screen

Both models – The Circle and Square – differ in the display size (the Square model is 1.65", and Circle is 1.28 "), and resolution (the Square 348×442, The Circle 416×416).

The Zepp E Smartwatch features a stainless steel body with no physical bezel on the front, with the display screen curving into the edges of the body.

You'll find the main button located on the side which doesn't stick out too much, making it comfortable to wear throughout.

It's a beautiful minimalist design that went well with every outfit: from office smart casual to morning jog.

There are plenty of strap options to choose: from metallic black edition to blue tones, if you want to add some colour to your wrist.

It's incredibly easy to change the watch face: you just need to choose the one you fancy the most on the handy app, and wait for a minute or so till your watch syncs.

There are a lot of options to choose from, showing different data as well as some artsy ones.

Zepp E Performance and Battery Life

I was impressed by the incredible battery life: other reviewers said that they need to charge their watch every five days, but for me it lasted around ten.

I've been using every single app that's available and the battery seemed to keep up – even after months of heavy use.

I've experienced no issues with the Zepp E performance, although a few times it has failed to measure the amount of time I've spent standing.

  • Zepp E Circle Smartwatch, £209 on Amazon – buy here
  • Zepp E Square Smartwatch, £209 on Amazon – buy here

Zepp E Fitness Tracking

The Zepp E Smartwatch has eleven sports modes, featuring outdoor running and even skiing, but if you're training at the gym or at home, you're most likely to use the 'Free Training' mode.

After your workout, you'll get useful information such as calories burnt, pace, average heart rate, and stride.

Off for a jog? At the end of it, you'll get a tiny map on your display screen, which I've found very impressive since I love running.

I've found the fitness tracking results fairly accurate when compared to the similar apps on my phone, when measuring my runs at the same time on two devices.

Zepp E Price

Both Zepp E models – The Circle and The Square – are priced at £209 and available to purchase from Amazon.

  • Zepp E Circle Smartwatch, £209 on Amazon – buy here
  • Zepp E Square Smartwatch, £209 on Amazon – buy here

Both watches stands in the expensive price range in the smartwatch market, and I think it proved to be a great value for money.

The Zepp E Smartwatch is slightly more expensive than the newest Fitbit Versa 3 (£199.99 at Fitbit), and lacks the smart assistant feature.

Zepp E Pros

Have I mentioned how beautiful The Zepp E Smartwatch looks with every outfit? I might have, because I really love that about this watch.

In addition to the sleek design, the battery life has proven to last around ten days, and it's the best battery performance on the market I've seen.

It's not too expensive although has similar features to The Apple Watch.

I loved how lightweight it was, and it made me forget that I was wearing a watch at all.

Zepp E Cons

The Zepp E Smartwatch initially comes with only one strap: the leather band looks amazing, but it's not the most comfortable to wear during the workout.

Although sitting in the mid-price range, the watch is not the cheapest and there are other great options on the market too, so shop around if you're looking for something less pricey.

You can't respond to a message directly from your wrist, meaning you'll still need to pick up your phone to get back to someone, which slightly defeats the point of having notifications received on your wrist.

Zepp E Review: The Verdict

The Zepp E Smartwatch has proved to be an excellent value for money, which looks and performs well, while also giving plenty of data to adjust a lifestyle to become more active.

  • Zepp E Circle Smartwatch, £209 on Amazon – buy here
  • Zepp E Square Smartwatch, £209 on Amazon – buy here

It has helped to re-evaluate my smartwatch expectations and, personally, I can't wait to see what Zepp E company will have to offer in the future.

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