Alan Carr slated for saving Korean dog from being eaten over getting UK pooch

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    Alan Carr saved a dog from being eaten in Korea.

    The comedian’s pet pooch Tuppence was nearly butchered at a dog meat festival before a rescue charity stepped in to save the mutt from becoming meat. But he has since been slated for taking in a dog from another country rather than one in Britain. He said: "I got grief. 'There are so many English dogs, why are you saving a Korean dog?’. I mean, you just can’t do anything right."

    It comes after he took a cheeky swipe at former This Morning presenter Phillip Schofield, who was axed from the show, as he filmed his latest gig in London. He was performing at Hackney Empire, which is due to air on BBC around Christmas time.

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    The comedian confessed to the crowd how hot he was feeling on the stage, as it was being filmed during the September heatwave, which saw London's temperature go up to over 30 degrees. He told the audience: "Oh, Hackney, why did I say I’d film this in the middle of a f**king heatwave? I am sweating up here like Phillip Schofield’s lawyer, honestly!"

    Phillip was axed from both ITV and This Morning after admitting to having an affair with a much younger male colleague. His co-host Holly Willoughby has remained on the show without him, presenting the show with a number of different hosts, including Craig Doyle and Josie Gibson .

    This isn't the first time Alan has mocked Phillip, as he made a cheeky joke while being interviewed on the show back in 2021. He joked that the telly host got him drunk on tequila so that he could sediuce him. Alan said: "It was Philip Schofield who got me into tequila – and we all now know why don’t we?"

    This came after Alan accidentally got drunk on the show in 2015 when Phillip got him to do a tequila challenge, leading him to forget the name of his own show. Alan was helping former husband Paul Drayton battle alcoholism at the time, joked with a theatre audience that Philip, who came out as gay in 2020, had designs on him.

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    Alan suffered heartbreaking loss when his good pal and fellow comedian Paul O’Grady passed away in April this year aged 67 but managed to find the funny side at his funeral before Julian Clary performed the eulogy. He told Kathy Burke, on her Where There’s A Will, There’s A Wake podcast in June: "[Julian] did the eulogy at the funeral and of course, we're all in bits and crying, [but before Julian's eulogy] the man comes on and plays the organ.

    "[But before that] this vicar comes out – honestly, he must not know Julian's work – and says 'can I just apologise – the organ needed pumping', Julian just looked round and looked at him and said 'thanks for clearing that up. What a gift for Julian."

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