Alli Simpson: The truth about Cody’s younger sister

She may have a pretty face, but Cody Simpson’s little sister, Alli Simpson, is so much more than her looks. The Australian native has a bright future ahead of her with her IMG Talent modeling contract and her flourishing YouTube channel. Like all bright-eyed young models, Simpson has an impressive Instagram following with a total of 1.2 million followers. While she may be mistaken as today’s quintessential influencer, Simpson has more to offer than her beauty routine.

According to the beauty’s IMDb profile, Alli is a host, singer, actress, and dancer in addition to her modeling career. She got her big break on Radio Disney as the youngest nationally syndicated radio host with her hit show, “The Alli Simpson Show,” which racked up 7 million weekly listeners, according to her IMG Talent bio.

Simpson may have been born in Australia, but after moving to LA in her younger years, she definitely adopted the laidback Southern California vibe. When asked by FLARE in 2014 what she hoped someone might say about her, she said, “Just that I was a nice person. That’s all I really care about. I want to put out positive vibes.”

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Cody Simpson has helped make Alli who she is today

It’s no surprise Alli Simpson was inspired by her older brother Cody Simpson to take a shot at the big stage. After watching his success as a pop star, the up-and-comer released five singles of her own from her record label, So Alli Records. All of her tracks have millions of views on YouTube and some even made their way to the Billboard charts. In fact, her song “Roll ‘Em Up” featuring Jack & Jack, was written for her by Selena Gomez and her big brother himself.

As Simpson embarks on her career as a singer, her brother is right beside her every step of the way — literally. Back in 2014, the siblings hit the stage at Nickelodeon’s Slimefest in Sydney and Melbourne, Austalia. “This performance just now was my first time ever on stage,” she told Honey at the time. “Before I went on stage, [Cody] spoke to me for a good hour … without him I would be a mess.”

In addition to showing his sister the ropes of stardom, he’s also been fundamental in preparing her for the emotional tolls of fame. “He’s always sort of given me the best advice I’ve been given in what I’m doing,” Simpson told SheKnows in 2016. “The main thing that Cody always tells me is to just be myself and only do it if I love to do it.” Sounds like this starlet has the best big brother.

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