Amanda Holden blushes at sex slip-up live on-air as she has romps ‘on the brain’

Amanda Holden left her Heart FM radio presenter Jamie Theakston squirming on Wednesday when she made a whopping sex blunder – twice.

The 49-year-old Britain's Got Talent judge urged listeners to take part in a new challenge, which aims to make a positive out of the lockdown experience.

Unfortunately, she couldn't help but confuse the word "six" for "sex," joking she had X-rated business on the brain.

Chatting with Jamie in the studio, she said: "There's this amazing article in one of the newspapers today, which is calling it a ‘lockdown challenge' which I prefer because it's a good spin.

"So it's thinking about what you can do for yourself over the next sex.. six."

Amanda burst out laughing, as Jamie replied: "That escalated quickly!"

The BGT starlet then quipped about the nation's bedroom antics, saying: "That's probably not one of the things for most of us, can't be bothered."

Putting the sex blunder behind her, Amanda tried to continue with the segment, only for nooky to rear its head yet again.

Opening up on the challenge for a second time, she spoke about "thinking about what you can do for the next sex… six weeks".

Frustrated, Amanda exclaimed: "I've done it again!"

Jamie couldn't help but laugh, as he suggested: "It's on your mind!"

Later, Amanda took to Instagram to share the footage from the slip-up, joking: "Blimey I've clearly got it on the brain…"

No doubt Amanda's husband Chris Hughes was listening to the show from home, reeling over the hilarious sex mishap.

The sweethearts tied the knot back in 2008, five years after meeting for the first time in Los Angeles.

Amanda regularly gushes about her leading man, previously praising her "strong relationship" with the record producer.

Speaking to Daily Star Sunday last year, she said: "I've got a very strong husband who is very sensible and not like me in any way.

"He cuts through all the bulls**t and keeps me sane. I'm so lucky that when I started out, social media wasn't invented because I might not have got through it.

"Everything I have gone through since then has been massively public. It's difficult but I am very lucky because I've got a very strong relationship."

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