Andrea Corr says French and Saunders impersonating her was career highlight

Singer-songwriter Andrea Corr has said that French and Saunders' impersonation of band The Corrs was a "career highlight", as she prepares to release a new album.

Andrea and her siblings Jim, Caroline and Sharon landed global chart topping success with songs including Breathless, So Young and Runaway – selling more than 40 million records in the process since the mid-nineties.

Speaking exclusively to Daily Star ahead of the release of her new solo record, The Christmas Album, Andrea revealed that one of the highlights of her career was a parody of The Corrs created by none other than comedy legends French and Saunders.

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Along with I'm a Celeb stars Ant and Dec impersonating the band on SM:TV life under the title, "The beautiful, beautiful Corrs," French and Saunders also parodied the song What Can I Do, during a sketch that left Andrea in tears of laughter.

Speaking about the sketch, Andrea said: "Their one was a lot of fun.

"They're doing the song and it's supposed to be, 'What can I do to make you love me?'

"I'm like [makes various noises] and then I'm actually eating my tin whistle. Jim keeps trying to get in the shot."

She also revealed that the band loved the sketch so much, that they used to play it before their own concerts – but got a huge surprise when two guests turned up at one gig unexpectedly.

"We used to play that before our concerts one time, and actually, Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders, they actually came to the gig!" said Andrea.

"It was at Wembley back then. We used to play it before when people are walking into the gig. That funny sketch on us.

"That was a highlight."

Another highlight Andrea says, was The Corrs supporting rock legends The Rolling Stones – with her and guitarist Ronnie Wood striking up a friendship that listeners can hear on her new Christmas album.

Andrea and Ronnie duet on the classic Blue Christmas for the new album, with Andrea saying that Ronnie recorded all his parts in LA while on tour with The Rolling Stones.

Ronnie also guests on the track Curoo Curoo (Carol Of The Birds), which also features Donal Lunnay, Máirtín O'Connor and Zoë Conway, with Andrea describing it as her favourite on the record.

Speaking about Ronnie, Andrea said: "We're good friends for a lot of years now.

"The Corrs did support The Rolling Stones years ago, which was a wonderful experience.

"Apart from the experience of it all, Ronnie and I just really hit it off and became friends. I did some work with his solo records and some concerts he did."

The album itself also includes a number of poignant moments for Andrea, with O Holy Night reminding her of her father, while songs including In The Bleak Midwinter are described by the singer as "beautiful" and "so moving."

She said: "I love words and lyrics, so that's a big part of choosing. Like In the Bleak Midwinter, I find that so moving."

They are just some of the many tracks on The Christmas Album, which was inspired by Andrea's visit to Our Lady's Hospice and Care Service, where she performed at their Light Up A Life Ceremony.

The incredibly moving experience inspired her to record and release the album, with Andrea saying: "My father used to say Christmas was a time of absences."

Speaking about the event, she added: "People hold up their lights to and they're holding them up to the spirits, to the loved ones they're missing.

"I was singing while this was happening and I found it really moving."

Andrea continued: "None of us are alone in loss, and there's time when it's ever more poignant," adding: "I just found it so beautiful and that sense of not being alone, I found it very moving."

Andrea Corr: The Christmas Album will be released on December 2 2022

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