Black Sabbath sabotaged us Rock star blasts Tommy Iommi and Ronnie Dio feuds, foul play

Black Sabbath perform Children of the Grave

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Bouchard opened up about the famous Black and Blue 1980 tour where his band and Sabbath alternated who would open each show and who would headline depending on their relative popularity at each venue. Clearly, this was asking for trouble, although the Blue Oyster Cult drummer says that it was the other band who caused the problems. He said: “It wasn’t OK, it was not fun. I loved Black Sabbath, I idolized Ronnie Dio, but there was a lot of tension.”

At the time, Sabbath were finding their feet after Ozzy Osbourne’s exit in 1979. The band had a new frontman, Ronny Dio, a new sound and a brand new album to promote, Heaven and Hell.

Blue Oyster Cult, meanwhile, had released their two-million-selling album Some Enchanted Evening in 1978 and had devoted fan bases in many cities, including their home turf of Long Island.

Their manager Samuel ‘Sandy’ Pearlman (who was also their original lyricist and producer) had started to manage Sabbath in 1979 and was instrumental in setting up the co-headlining tour. Unfortunately, he could not prevent the rising tensions.

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