Chlöe Bailey Just Made Her VMAs Solo Debut, and It Was Absolutely *Chef's Kiss*

Chlöe Bailey is having an entire moment and we are all but mere witnesses. The 23-year-old singer released her debut solo single “Have Mercy” on Friday—that’s right, her sister Halle Bailey isn’t on this track—and she just wrapped her first performance of the song at the 2021 MTV Video Music Awards. Talk about a turnaround!

The release of the song, which is the lead single on Chlöe’s upcoming debut album, was extremely well-received by fans. And understandably so! Our girl Chlöe ate and left zero crumbs on the song and in the music video. Expectations for tonight’s performance were just as high, to say the least.

But Chlöe is not one to disappoint, honey! Believe it or not, her VMAs performance was actually Chlöe’s first solo show, but she seriously looked like a seasoned pro (thanks, mentor Beyoncé). For the number, Chlöe wore the coolest pink body suit as flames rose behind her and her backup dancers. I mean, let’s get all the way into it:

Bossing, flossing AND saucing. You better WORK IT, @ChloeBailey 👏 She just dominated the #VMA stage!

Are we not all Simone Biles in this situation??

I wanna be Chloe Bailey when I grow up

If you thought some of Chlöe’s moments were reminiscent of a young Beyoncé, you weren’t far off. It was likely intentional. In an interview with Billboard ahead of VMAs night, Chlöe said, “I’m creating my own lane, as well as paying homage to the ones who have inspired me. It has been fun finding my voice.”

1,000 percent betting money that Chlöe will be up for a VMA next year for “Have Mercy” and will take home a lil Moon Man. She deserves!

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