Cyndi Lauper bee sting at Hollywood Bowl doesn't derail Hope performance

We all don’t deserve Cyndi Lauper. That much was proven Friday night when the 66-year-old singer behind “Girls Just Want To Have Fun” and “True Colors” got stung by a bee during her Hollywood Bowl concert, pulled out the stinger, asked for her flip-flops, and just kept performing.

“I’m tough, but really? That had to freaking happen?!” Lauper said into the microphone as she sat on a stool to treat the sting.

According to those in attendance, as well as fan-shot video from the show, Lauper had taken off her boots by the time she sang “She Bop.” While playing the recorder, she stepped on a bee with her bare foot and, although the pain fazed her, she kept on singing through the verse as she sat on the ground to pluck out the stinger.

Despite limping about the stage, she kept the audience laughing.

“The guy is dead over there,” Lauper declared after the song was done. “But he died killing me… My God, it’s just one of those weeks, you know.”

The rocker took a beat, asked for some flip-flops (even though she said it would ruin the outfit), and continued on by performing “Hope,” the song she released in 2017 timed to the See Me campaign, which raised awareness about psoriasis.

That, my dear, is a champ. And fans agreed.

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