David Bowie: Unearthed photos show star after iconic Glastonbury 2000 set

David Bowie tragically died of liver cancer back in 2016. Fans were utterly devastated by the star’s death, and are still proudly listening to his countless hits to this day. This weekend’s edition of the Glastonbury Experience will show off a number of previously seen acts performing on live TV once again – including the former Ziggy Stardust.

Amidst this nostalgia-filled festival experience, Bowie’s incredible Glastonbury 2000 set will be included.

This set of course went down in history as one of the greats, as Bowie took to the stage and owned it.

The set was later turned into a live album – titled Glastonbury 2000 – and featured all of his hits including Life on Mar, and Changes.

Now, looking back at this seminal time for Bowie, his Twitter and Facebook accounts have been posting some nostalgic images from the very same week in the year 2000.


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The Twitter account wrote: “TWENTY YEARS AGO TODAY: BOWIE AT THE BBC ‘Screaming above Central London…’

“Two days after his Glastonbury triumph, David Bowie was back in London on 27th June, 2000, for an exclusive performance at the BBC Radio Theatre to an intimate gathering of celebrities and BowieNetters.”

Bowie’s performance was of course later broadcast by the BBC, but for those who were involved in the intimate concert, it was a momentous occasion.

The accounts went on to show off some brand new photos of that evening, which show Bowie performing at his best.

Clad in a yellow jumper, he teased the fans and cameras by contorting his body whilst singing his unbeatable songs.

It also went on to give the artist’s setlist for the evening.

While it kicked off with Wild Is The Wind and Ashes To Ashes, i went on to hit some of his older classics.

Bowie veered into Always Crashing In The Same Car, before venturing down to Survive and The London Boys.

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Of course, his encore saw him perform Ziggy Stardust, Starman and Heroes, before concluding the evening with Let’s Dance.

Fans will gladly be able to witness a return to Bowie’s Glastonbury performance on tonight’s edition of the Glastonbury Experience on the BBC, as it is being played in full for the first time over the airwaves.

Shortly before his dead, Bowie spoke about the various characters he had created over the years.

On why he made them the way he did, he explained: “I used to tell everybody, and myself, that it was a way of hiding.


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“I suppose at heart I’m still — well I’m not anymore — but I was always quite shy,” he explained.

“But the older I get, I realise it’s more about — I just like telling stories.

“I’m a storyteller at heart, as abstract as they may get,” he added. “But inherently I like to take people on a journey and say, ‘And guess what happens next…’”

David Bowie at Glastonbury 2000 airs tonight at 9.30pm on BBC Two.

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