Elton Johns still standing on top of the world as most popular artist, survey shows

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Measuring sales, radio play, concert tickets and streaming figures, he topped US rappers Jack Harlow (2nd) and DaBaby (3rd). Music publication Pollstar also used social media data – like YouTube subscribers – to compile its debut Artist Power Index.

The 74-year-old I’m Still Standing singer was just ahead of contemporaries Billy Joel (6th) and Bryan Adams (8th) – while Van Morrison, 76, was 23rd.

Current stars Ed Sheeran and Adele managed 26th and 27th.Brodie Cooper, of US marketing agency PRrppd, said: “This is a fascinating evaluation of modern artistry across all aspects of fan popularity.

“For Sir Elton to be in the top spot is astonishing. His appeal remains so huge after five decades.”

Ray Waddell, boss of media and conferences for Pollstar’s parent company Oak View Group, said: “Information is a powerful tool and when more shows sell more tickets, the entire industry benefits.”

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