Elvis Presley phoned President Jimmy Carter ‘totally STONED’ with ‘paranoid delusions’

Elvis Presley achieved so much success in his life, but sadly towards the end was addicted to prescription drugs. With his fame he was able to meet President Richard Nixon in the White House at Christmas time 1970. And even once called Jimmy Carter in the last weeks of his life, while in much worse shape.

According to The New York Times, Carter said: “When I was first elected President, I got a call from Elvis Presley.

“He was totally stoned and didn’t know what he was saying.

“His sentences were almost incoherent.”

The phone call took place in the summer of 1977, shortly before the King died on August 16.


  • Paul McCartney felt ‘BETRAYED’ after Elvis Presley’s Beatles comments

Elvis was on barbiturates and had called the White House from his Graceland home to seek a Presidential pardon for a sheriff he knew having legal problems.

Carter recalled: “I talked to him for a long time, and I finally extracted that from him.”

The President found himself trying “to ease Presley out of his paranoid delusions.

“Calming his fears that he was being ‘shadowed’ by sinister forces and that his friend was being framed.”

Carter said: “I asked him what the sheriff’s sentence was, and he said that he hadn’t been tried in court yet.

“Well, I said, ‘Elvis, I can’t consider a pardon until after a trial and sentencing and everything.’

“I don’t think he understood that.”

Elvis continued to call the White House with the same intensity until he died, but the President never spoke to him again after that phone call.

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Following his death at just 42-years-old, Paul McCartney said he felt “betrayed” after Elvis told President Richard Nixon that The Beatles were “anti-American” during a meeting about how to combat drug culture.

Of course, Elvis said this despite regularly covering Beatles songs in his shows during this period.

It may come as a bit of a surprise too, considering The King met the Fab Four at his home in Bel Air, Los Angeles just five years previously.

According to The Beatles Anthology, Paul McCartney felt betrayed by Elvis, who he, John Lennon, George Harrison and Ringo Starr had been so influenced by growing up.

Speaking some time after The King’s death, McCartney said: “[I] felt a bit betrayed.”

“The great joke was that we were taking [illegal] drugs.

“And look what happened to him.”

Of course, McCartney was referring to Elvis’ overuse of prescription drugs in the lead up to his tragic fatal heart attack.

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