Elvis Presley’s 1968 Comeback Special ‘He thought it could KILL his career’ says Priscilla

During most of the 1960s, Elvis Presley gave up his music career to focus solely on the movie business. While he would have liked to have kept singing, he was contracted for what he felt were poor film productions. After a period of unhappiness, The King of Rock and Roll attempted to relaunch himself as music artist, with the 1968 TV special – later known as the Comeback Special.

And now his former wife Priscilla Presley, who was married to him when the special aired, has revealed how Elvis felt taking part would make or break his singing career at almost 34-years-old.

Additionally, it was the first time ever that Priscilla, who had known her then-husband for 14 years, had ever seen him perform live.

Speaking at Elvis’ 85th birthday concert at Graceland earlier this month, the 74-year-old – who was sat on a chair from the 1968 TV show said: “That was a night. Absolutely, that was the very first time, I’d never seen him.

“He was doing movies, he never performed when I was with him.”


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Priscilla continued: “That was the closest to Las Vegas…seeing him perform and practice and with a studio audience.

“I couldn’t believe it, he was so beautiful in that black leather suit.

“Everybody fell in love with him and I knew it, I knew it. God, he fit that suit beautifully.”

And as usual, before performing live, Elvis was understandably feeling pretty anxious.

She said: “Not only that night, but noticeably nervous because of the whole idea of doing a show.

“You’ve got to remember that he hadn’t performed in seven years. Singing, touring or anything like that.

“So this was the big night. He was either going to make it or kill his career, and that’s how he thought.

“Because this was a huge, huge, huge thing. During that time when you did a television show, it was usually…you had a co-host, you had other guests on to sing. [But] this was a solo show, so they hadn’t done that before.”

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Meanwhile, in another recent interview, Priscilla revealed how Elvis didn’t want to perform over 40 because he felt he’d be an “old man” on stage.

She said how the legend would be surprised how popular his music still is at the point of his 85th birthday celebrations.

The 74-year-old admitted: “No never. At 40-years-old he didn’t want to be on stage as 40-year-old.

“Because you’ve got to remember 40-years-old at that time, was old.”

Priscilla added: “He didn’t want to be an old man on stage and never did he think after all these years people are still coming and wanting to see his life and wanting to go to Graceland, wanting to get more of him.

“When our guests come to Graceland they want more.”

“There’s something very, very spiritual about Graceland. And he loved that, he loved that feeling.

“But yes, he would absolutely be blown away that his legacy lives on and that people still appreciate and that the younger people are coming more and more and more.”

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