Erica Banks Almost Didn’t Release “Buss It”—and Now It’s a Viral Sensation

Dallas rapper Erica Banks has charted on the Billboard Hot 100 for the first time. The song that got her there? “Buss It,” her dance floor banger whose popularity skyrocketed, of course, because of a viral TikTok trend. While other modern hits are linked to mastering a specific dance (like, “Say So” and “Blinding Lights”), the Buss It Challenge features primarily women undergoing drastic glow ups in a matter of seconds. In the first part of the clip, the challenge undertaker appears on camera in sweats and other laid-back attire while the intro of “Buss It”—a sample of Nelly’s “Hot in Here”—plays, but when the beat drops and introduces Banks’s hook, they drop it low, revealing their made-up look.

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