Feid Previews New Album With 'Fumeteo' Single

The rising Colombian singer Feid released “Fumeteo,” a thunking yet hummable reggaeton single, on Thursday. It’s the first cut from an upcoming album due out later this year. 

The production on “Fumeteo” is gaunt, little more than a blistering beat and a four-note riff that tumbles downward before climbing skyward. This skin-and-bones set-up means that minor embellishments have a major impact: A second instrument that sounds like a programmed string section hammers out three quick notes, evoking Dr. Dre radio hits from 20 years ago. And Feid adds a pleasantly repeatable chant — “eo eo eo” — to his otherwise concise chorus, ensuring that the melody lingers long after “Fumeteo” wraps up in under 2:30.

As Feid’s visibility has increased, so has his solo output — he has released an album a year since 2019.

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