Freddie Mercury performs In the Lap of the Gods in rare Queen live footage

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This week’s episode of Queen the Greatest looks back at the band’s big live-show finale before the We Will Rock You and We Are The Champions combo.

From 1974-77, the group would close with Freddie Mercury’s In the Lap of the Gods.

Opening and closing the second side of their 1974 album Sheer Heart Attack, the recording features one of the highest notes on the album sung by Roger Taylor.

Brian May previously told Uncut: “In the beginning, a lot of his writing was very fantastical, but underneath, I think he was pouring his heart out.

“Freddie was struggling with various things and we all know his sexuality was quite fluid. It was hard for him to express. I think you can hear him in this song, struggling with his relationships, putting them into words and music.”

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Today’s footage showcases Freddie performing In the Lap of the Gods… Revisited at  Queen’s Hammersmith Odeon concert on Christmas Eve 1975.

We then fast forward a decade to 1986’s Magic tour, the singer’s final set of live shows with Queen, where 144,000 fans swayed along in unison to the iconic track.

Brian told Uncut: “That song is Freddie being magnificent and being a god – which he was quite good at.”

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