Freddie Mercurys Queen spoken outtakes released for first time

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Four years before his death in 1991, Freddie Mercury joined the rest of Queen to record their new album The Miracle. A few months prior he had been diagnosed with HIV and didn’t have the energy to tour anymore. Although the illness that would lead to his untimely death at just 45 was not public, his bandmates knew. Yet under this dark shadow and the prospect of an uncertain future, the four men came together to get their creative juices flowing once more.

Originally released in 1989, a collector’s edition of The Miracle album has been released today featuring six previously unreleased songs including the single Face It Alone.

Alongside this is The Miracle Sessions CD, featuring original recordings and demos with unheard spoken outtakes of the bandmates’ interactions with each other. These were captured at Townhouse, Olympic and Mountain Studios.

And what’s clear from the audio, which is predominantly Freddie on the mic, is that Queen were having a lot of fun and buzzing with enthusiasm.

Despite his declining health, the Queen singer is heard being very chatty and tenaciously hardworking, not being afraid to offer criticism and suggestions during the creative process.

Freddie tells Roger on Party that he finds the drums “too loud” and challenges Brian to redo a guitar solo, saying, “I’m not sure it was dead on. Let’s hear that last bit back.”

One particular highlight is hearing the late singer’s thrill at nailing a section of Breakthru, shouting: “Oh I love it! Love that one!”

He also improvises: “You know something if this song would stop right now, this would really be a great breakthrough for me. I mean if I were to drop dead that would be a breakthrough honey.”

There are a few bits of banter and silliness too, like when Roger tells his bandmates: “You’re supposed to be professionals” after messing up an intro to Dog With A Bone.

And on Khashoggi’s Ship, Brian is heard saying, “I don’t want to do the fancy bits now”, before playing a complex guitar riff and adding, “I’ll do them later.”

Queen The Miracle Collector’s Edition is an 8-Disc Book Set: Vinyl LP/5CD/DVD/Blu-ray and is out now.

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