George Michael's Ex Arrested for Allegedly Causing 'Extensive Damage' to Late Singer's Mansion

George Michael’s ex-boyfriend Fadi Fawaz has reportedly been arrested on suspicion of aggravated criminal damage after allegedly trashing the late Wham! singer’s London mansion.

The 46-year-old former hairdresser was taken into custody in handcuffs on Tuesday night after neighbors reported seeing a man on the roof of the more than $6 million Regent’s Park home — which Fawaz had been staying at since Michael’s death at the age of 53 in December 2016 — to police, multiple outlets, including the Blast, the Sun and Metro U.K., report.

In a statement, police told the outlets that when officers arrived at the home, “the man was no longer on the roof but inside the address, which had extensive damage. Due to the damage inside the property the London Fire Brigade attended.”

“The man, aged in his mid-40s, has been arrested on suspicion of aggravated criminal damage,” the statement continued. “He has been taken into custody at a north London police station.”

According to witnesses, Fawaz could be heard shouting, “I am not going there, I am not going there, I am staying here, I want to stay here,” before being led into the police van.

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According to the Sun, Michael (whose real name was Georgios Kyriacos Panayiotou) had not left anything in his more than $120 million will to Fawaz, who has had a contentious relationship with some members of Michael’s family.

Fawaz — who had dated Michael since at least 2015 but kept their relationship mostly under the radar — previously spoke out in March 2017 about Michael’s death.

In an interview with the Daily Mirror, Fawaz said he found it “tough, shocking and upsetting” that he was vilified by the public after discovering Michael’s body at his country home in Goring-On-Thames on Christmas Day 2016. He added that he felt “vindicated” by a coroner’s report released earlier that March which stated that Michael died of natural causes.

It had previously been speculated that Michael had died of drug-related complications — with some even raising questions about Fawaz’s role in the singer’s death, despite Thames Valley Police treating it as “unsuspicious” from an early stage.

“George can rest in peace now,” Fawaz told the Mirror. “I am happy now he can rest, and we can rest as well. I am sure George is happy, now that everything is out. We can move forward.”

Following extensive tests, the Oxfordshire Coroner ruled that Michael’s sudden death was caused by a combination of heart disease and a fatty liver.

“Now I can start grieving…without being looked at in a funny way,” Fawaz said. “It was painful walking the street and getting funny looks.”

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