Gladiators star Wolf said host Ulrika stormed off after he made cheeky remarks

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Gladiators star Michael Van Wijk, better known as Wolf, has opened up about his co-stars and classic one-liners and Ulrika Jonsson walking off.

Van Wijk starred in the show from 1992-1999 but originally ran a gym in London with facilities for bodybuilders.

After he left Gladiators, he moved to New Zealand and returned to his passion by opening a chain of gyms.

Wolf was well known for his off the cuff remarks and whilst speaking to Daily Star on a Facebook Live today Michael said: “It’s all in good humour.”

Whilst he was filming with the Australian show, he said: “It surprised the other Gladiators that were there, they were totally shocked that they had people with cards holding up and they had to stick to a script. They said to us, “Where’s your script?” and we said “What script? We just say whatever comes to our heads.”

  • Gladiators Wolf star Michael Van Wijk to tell all on Daily Star Facebook Live

“We think it up on the spot, if you think of something just say it! If the producers don’t like it, they’ll cut it out when they edit it.”

He continued: “Spontaneous, that’s my sense of humour. I remember one time with Ulrika – good on her, she was a great sport – one day I did abysmally on a game, and she said to me sarcastically “You weren’t very good, were you? That was quite pathetic wasn’t it!”

“So I took the microphone off her and said to the audience, “Do you want to know why I lost?” and they were all screaming “Yes!”

“I said: “Just before I came out to do this game I saw Ulrika backstage with no makeup on and I felt sick!”

Well, she stormed off the set, but they kept it in! They loved it. She laughed backstage about it.”

When questioned about his on-screen rivalry with co-star John Anderson, Wolf said: “We used to go out for meals together, he’s lovely, ne time, I went into the audience and got some glasses off a guy in the front row.

I put them on John Anderson and I said “You should be wearing these because you missed what happened out there!”

“Another time he gave me a red card and I ate it! Just silly things, you’ve got to do them.”

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