Good Morning Britains Susanna Reid supports Louise Minchin after stalking hell

Good Morning Britain’s Susanna Reid has publicly aired her support for BBC’s Louise Minchin after she spoke about her “stalking ordeal” during an interview.

Louise spoke to You Magazine and opened up about the experience which left her terrified for her own safety.

The incident occurred in July 2020 and Louise “made a call in fear” after “violent threats were posted online” about the star and her 18-year-old daughter Mia.

After two years, with her stalker now in prison, Louise still thinks that her life will “never be the same”.

She said: “I don’t speak about it lightly, it was a horrific time that has had a massive impact on our family. It’s Mia who has encouraged me to share what happened to us because if I can make any difference to others going through something like this, and raise awareness, I will. I want them to know they’re not alone.”

The presenter said “this can happen to anyone” and it can “strike any life”.

The BBC star said that she is “just one” in an “enormous group” where “around 1.5million people in the UK are affected by stalking” every year.

She also said that the “good outcome”, which is prison time, “only happens in a very small percentage of cases”.

Louise shared her article on Twitter and received positive reception from her 258,200 followers.

Presenter Louise Minchin tweeted out a quote from the article: “Like a lioness, I wasn’t going to let anyone harm my family.”

Louise’s followers commended her for speaking candidly about the traumatic event and one even apologised and asked “if she will ever recover”.

GMB’s Susanna Reid quote tweeted her message with the words: “Lovely interview with Louise Minchin. An amazing woman who has gone through a dreadful experience and emerged to campaign for others."

One follower said that they hoped Louise “can move on from this awful thing” while another urged her to “pull through” and noted that there are “some weird people out there”.

A concerned fan replied and said that they hoped the stalker “wasn’t the reason she left BBC Breakfast”.

Another simply tweeted “well said” to Susanna.

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