Hear Brandy Clark's Mournful New Ballad 'I'll Be the Sad Song'

Brandy Clark has unveiled the second preview of her upcoming third album, Your Life Is a Record. “I’ll Be The Sad Song” is a tear-stained ballad that contains the album’s title in its opening couplet: “If your life is a record,” Clark sings over atmospheric guitar, horns and strings. “People and places are the songs.”

Clark has said that she’s come to think of her new album, which in some ways is her most retro-sounding to date, as a breakup album. “Sometimes you have to have endings to have those beautiful beginnings,” Clark wrote when she announced the album earlier this month.

“It’s a much more personal record, it sort of goes through love and loss and things in life,” Clark said in an interview last fall. “It’s not all downers though! And there’s songs that speak to the political climate.”

Set for release on March 6th, Your Life is a Record was produced by Jay Joyce and features contributions from Randy Newman and guitarist John Osborne.

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