Holly Willoughby shows off secret ‘second piercing’ in sultry selfie

This Morning presenter Holly Willoughby took to Instagram to show off her new makeover this week, with her hidden second piercing making an appearance.

Wearing a cute white jumper, the mum-of-three shared a selfie snap showing her with a heavy dusting of makeup covering her face.

Holly, who is normally only seen with one earring per earlobe, also tucked her blonde locks behind her right ear to reveal a double piercing.

Studded with a golden star, it appeared the ITV star had gotten one ear pierced twice for added glamour.

The star's makeup and chic red lipstick was applied by beauty consultant Patsy O’Neill, who she thanked in her post.

The TV presenter also thanked hairstylist Ciler Peksah for her silky waves and tagged her favourite beauty products.

Fans rushed to comment on the post, showering her with compliments.

One wrote: "Glowing and gorgeous."

Another said: "Have been watching Holly this morning and instantly fell for that lip colour."

A third gushed: "So gorgeous! Nothing beats a red lip and power brow."

Holly was tearful earlier this week after Phillip Schofield told how she gave him "vital support" before he came out as gay in February.

Phil was married to wife Stephanie Lowe for 27 years, with who he shares two daughters, when he came out in an Instagram statement.

He later spoke about his revelation with Holly on This Morning.

Schofe was on The One Show earlier this week promoting his new book when he told how Holly is "such a wise person" who reassured him before his announcement.

An emotional Holly, 39, then took to her Instagram Story to praise her pal but admitted she hasn't read his book yet.

In the video, the mum of three holds Schofe's book and explains that she has been saving reading it for her half-term break.

Phil asked: "Have you read your bits?"

Holly told him: "No, I haven't read my bits, I told you, I'm not reading any of my bits!

"It's really hard in my household to actually sit down and read a book but it's half term next week and this is my plan."

She continued: "However, everyone I know has gone straight through and found the bits that you have spoken about, I've resisted all urge and temptation.

"In fact, today, any bits I've seen in the press is the first that I have read, and you talking on The One Show last night made me cry because I've never actually heard you say that.

"So next week, I'm going in."

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