Inside the Caitlyn Jenner and Kardashians feud – from favourites to snubs

Would-be Californian Governor Caitlyn Jenner has turned 72 today, but other than the impressive power to defy her years, will she have much to celebrate on her birthday?

Possibly, but perhaps the transgender rights activist is still too distracted with that heavily-publicised feud with the Kardashians to crack out the champers.

Caitlyn seems to have made a national sport of publicly blasting the world’s most famous reality family in the years following her transition.

She has taken strike after strike at them, boosting her public profile and career into the bargain, making headlines and magazine covers across the globe.

The first season of her reality series also performed relatively well as a result of the long-running quarrel.

The former Olympics winner called the family “publicity-hungry” and referred to her marriage to Kris – with whom she shares two kids, Kendall, 25, and Kylie, 24 – as an “acrimonious Misery”.

She has also accused the late Robert Kardashian – father to Kendall and Kylie’s half-siblings Rob, 34, Kourtney, 42, Kim, 40, Khloé, 37 – of defending OJ Simpson despite believing he was guilty of murder.

On top of that, Caitlyn has claimed much of the Keeping Up With The Kardashians success can be attributed to her.

But how is her relationship with the Kardashians today? Daily Star looks at more recent events in an effort to find out…

I’m a Celeb snub

At the end of 2019, I’m a Celeb fans were left heartbroken when nobody came to greet Caitlyn on the bridge after she was voted out of the jungle.

She became the first contestant in history to have no friends or family waiting for her, being snubbed by both Kylie and Kendall for a second time.

Earlier in the series, the other campers had received mail from loved ones earlier, while the media personality was left with nothing but news about her dogs.

She later posted on social media that some friends, including Sophia Hutchins, had come to surprise her at the hotel.

But did the slight leave Caitlyn on rocky ground with Kendall and Kylie? Apparently, the star already has a tighter bond with one than the other anyway.

The favourite daughter

Back in January of this year, Caitlyn admitted she is much closer to Kylie than Kendall, who is allegedly more secretive than Kylie and her other siblings.

On an episode of her The Skinny Confidential Him & Her podcast, parent-of-six explained that she has a special bond with Kylie.

According to her, “Kylie is the exception to the rule” that a parent should never have favourites, and with her “all the stars came together”.

Kendall, on the other hand, “is off doing her own thing” and her secrecy keeps them from being as close.

Perhaps Kendall already knew Caitlyn’s feelings on the matter already, but if not, that would certainly have made for one interesting parent-child chat.

Caitlyn comes crawling

In April, on an episode of the final KUWTK series, Kris revealed that Caitlyn had come crawling to her for assistance.

After everything that had gone down in the past, her ex-spouse was seeking advice on breathing life back into her failing career.

It was all incredibly rich from a celeb whose post-transition success was partly built on repeatedly slamming the Kardashians in public.

The Kardashian kids couldn’t believe the cheek of the request, but Kris decided to rise above it all and offer the former decathlete the help she so desperately needed – help that she claimed came “from the heart”.

And just like that, Caitlyn was back on KUWTK, but does that mean the feud was finally put to bed?

Oh, we sure hope so!

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